A Good Samaritan

In which I believe that kindness is in everyone of use as it’s out nature.

I think to dispel the myth that I’m an anti-social grump who hates the public I should add that I am capable of my own acts of kindness. I’m a bit like Scrooge or The Grinch, with the exception that I can be kind all year round and I don’t need to be scared into being nice.

Santa with boy
You best be good…or else!

I very much believe that kindness is not hard wired into humans because of some religious text or threat of eternal damnation, but is actually an intrinsic part of our nature. Helping others helps us and being kind is actually an evolution benefit. I came to this realisation thanks to a man from the Salvation Army.
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The Bad Samaritan

In which I stop to help.

It’s funny looking back, we can all wear the tinted glasses and imagine that we dealt pretty well with failure and strife when at the time we were all at sea.

Many times the bad is what you get before the good, it’s the universe’s way of making us appreciate the happy times. If life was great all the time there would be no great times, just times.

At one point the universe seemed like such a meanie I decided to never help anyone again, this is that story, the story of the Bad Samaritan. (It should be noted that I am now the Good Samaritan, or at least he mildly nice one).

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Being a Good Samaritan

In which I let someone else talk about the kindness of strangers.

I thought for today I should let Mrs G speak, it’s my way of being kind and trying to get more people to listen to here rather than me. She’ll shout at me as she’ll want to have written this herself but this is from a comment she made on an old post of mine so I think I own the copyright, but I think it shows that kindness is out there in the most unsuspecting of places.

Coming from what is arguably the most notoriously selfish city in the world, NYC, I wonder. I see people refuse to step aside to let others onto a subway car because they want to lean on the doors. My mother had a period where she was severely slowed because of a bad hip and still limping to work every day, yet commuters would still shove her, or get irritated when they were stuck behind her on a staircase.

And that’s to say nothing of the muggings, scams, drunken vomiting, and the rest of the scope of activities which show a complete disregard for other people.The NYC subway could be the perfect example of this argument.Indeed, one questions motives. If someone on the subway starts to talk to someone else, motives are questioned. I knew a guy from the Midwest who used to give up seats to women, and they would eye him suspiciously, wondering what he was after. If you bump into someone because the train jars you, brace yourself for a fight. Continue reading “Being a Good Samaritan”