The natural world

In which nature shows a clean kill never exists.

The natural world works on a very simple basis; it is the survival of the fittest. It just so happens that the fittest tend to have draftthe sharpest teeth and claws and a tendency to hunt their prey in a brutal fashion. Nature is red in tooth and claw, not green in cuddly hugs.

When Mrs G was watching the amazing TV series ‘Frozen Planet’ she remarked:

The Killer Whales came and I got scared they were going to munch on some penguins, but they didn’t. I don’t think I can watch Frozen Planet by myself; I’ll keep tensing up for the sad seal scene. (alliteration!) Being the tender soul I am, it’s watching the suffering that just makes things unbearable for me…they should be taught not to play with their food.

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The danger of Killer Whales

In which I welcome our Orca overlords.

Get your damn flipper off me…

The start of the end of humanity has begun; a court in San Diego has agreed to hear legal arguments over whether a Killer Whale should have the same protections and rights as humans. Of all the animals we could choose to make our equals we chose killer whales, they are not our equals…they are better than us.

I love and fear orcas; if reincarnation is real then I would want to come back as a Killer Whale. They are amazing animals, but also brutally good hunters. They will beach themselves to catch seals. They will drown baby whales. We should not be allowing them the chance to serve openly in the armed forces (or get married because this is the kind of slippery slope I rely on politicians to warn me of).

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