In-flight entertainment

In which the films got small.

Don’t panic, I’m not using an electronic device with the wifi active on plane. I suppose I could be but that would mean I would have 300% more legroom and the ability to lie down. Does this blog look like it is being run by someone with that much money?

I’m sitting typing away because the inflight entertainment is broke, and it’s like the 1990’s all over again where you have to resort to other means to keep yourself entertained. I can’t even tell you how long it has been off as I can’t see a little plane flying over a map. I’m sitting here panicking because I have no idea what the outside temperature is, I might need a coat.

I wouldn’t mind but as we are on a British Airways flight we get the touchscreens in the seat in front to play with and I was a good deal of the way into Skyfall, and was looking forward to catching up on the movies I’ve missed because of my cinema apathy. There is even a good selection of the Oscar winners, yet not that one with Denzel Washington as a pilot. I guess that’s not really a surprise, I do wonder if there is a blacklist of movies and programmes that are banned from any airline’s inflight entertainment lest it cause a bit of concern during a patch of turbulence.

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