Don’t save the Giant Panda

In which I help an animal pass into extinction.

Of all the corporate mascots out there I find the WWF’s the most ironic. For an organization that is dedicated to the conservation of the planet’s species they made the decision to choose one of the few examples of fauna that wants to go extinct. I am an animal lover, and it saddens me when any species slips from the Earth never to be seen again, but sometimes you also have to go “You know what, nature has decided that this particular beast is of no use and must be let go”.

This is the case for the Giant Panda, possibly the only animal on the planet that is still around due to human intervention. If it was a gnarly lizard or some parasitic insect we would have put our hands up and gone oh well, that’s Darwinism in action. Instead with its cuddly little face we have decided that we must save it, it’s Survival of the Cutest and its wrong. Continue reading “Don’t save the Giant Panda”

Creating my world

In which I digitally rule the world.

I have a sister who lives on her own planet, she likes it there as she is on her own little world and everyone knows her there. I often think about invading as it seems ripe for a takeover and I could add it to my intergalactic empire.

I’d quite like my own world, one that I could create and sculpt in my own image. I thought at one point I could do that when the game Spore came out. It promised so much, I could make my own life forms and civilisations and expand into space. Instead it ended up being a limited penis-monster (well played The Internet) maker with a space arcade element.

This is what happens when you give people freedom to design their own lifeform

Instead I need to think about if I was given unlimited God-like powers what I would build with this great responsibility.
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