A little bit of hope

In which I hope I can rhyme a few lines.

I was tempted to begin by deliberately antagonizing the nerdosphere and wishing them all “live long and prosper”. Today though is a day to rival even Darth Khaaaaaaan and not even James T. Skywalker could save use, even with the Millennium Enterprise.

To try and cheer myself up I can only hope that things will only get better so I thought it best to write down what I am hoping for.

In fact I’m going for the style of writing I have the most problem with. Poetry. Well actually what I have wrote is a semi-poem, although it fails on the main criteria of not rhyming. And if I know anything about poetry it’s that:

If it don’t homonym

It’s not a poem-a-nim.

Anyways, let’s talk about Hope.
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Faith in humanity

In which I hope our best hope is ourselves.

Mrs G was feeling a bit scared about the world, last year seemed to have been particularly crazy full of terrible events and even worse people. The beginnings of this year aren’t looking any better.

It would be easy to quit on the human race at this point, we seem to be on a race to the bottom and backing Team Hell-in-a-Handcart. Why should we have any optimism for the future?

I believe we should, because humanity is not as bad as we expect.

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