I’ve finished updating

In which I can draw a line under my blog’s “To Do” list

There are times when I start a project and I think it is not going to take that long to do. I will make a start and then it starts to drag and drag and eventually it becomes a chore I never seem to complete. I have to force myself to complete it.

Generally this applies to housework and any DIY, but today I have completed the mammoth task I began at the beginning of the year. I have finally completed the overhaul and update of my site.

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Deciding on how my blog looks

In which I CSS the hell of my site-header.

If a blog should be in a constant state of change to grow and survive then mine is like Japanese Knotweed. Since I first started all those years ago on Blogger there are two constants.

  1. I will delete a mass of posts on a whim.
  2. I will endlessly messing with how my site looks.

Being an eternal tinkerer means the temptation to switch the the latest and shiniest theme is great. The one problem is that means I spend more time on how the site looks than what it contains.

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A writing crisis

In which I have the inevitable crisis of blogging.

Life is getting simple again, ensuring a period where chaos turns to order and life becomes serene. Thankfully three weeks today life is due to get an upheaval so that will preoccupy most of my desire to see the boat rocked.

I’m also a good way through the process of tidying up this site. My list of jobs includes retagging all my posts and ensuring that they all have nice pictures and introductions. Once that’s done I’ll have plenty more time to write. That is where the inevitable crisis of what kind of posts I want to write will strike. Once again the threat of a blogplosion will rear is mildly unappetising head.

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Being careful what I write

In which names are changed to protect the guilty.

The most difficult part of writing on this blog is not knowing who is going to read it. I know of a few people who do so let me say hello to:

  • My wife
  • My Mum
  • My Wife’s Mum

I don’t know if they read that but a hello anyways. In total I have 173 people I actually know who may read this and one thing I am very careful to do is not say anything that might mean that number decreases. Being quite ranty this makes it very hard.

In the beginning I didn’t really care, there were a lot of complaints about princesses. I would get angry about how I was treated by members of the fairer sex and translate that into some pretty angry blog posts.

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Having my day

In which I declare today Geek Ergo Sum day.

Today is Geek Ergo Sum Day, although it could be my week as I’ve had one birthday and a celebration of fatherhood to come, but it is just Geek Ergo Sum Day today. It also sees me surpass the record number of posts in a year.

This seems to call for a Global Holiday, or at least will in years to come when this site is finally recognised by more than a handful of readers as super-awesome. That’s what I keep telling myself at least, an if I’m not recognised for being able to type a few hundred words a day I will make it essential reading when I become the Supreme Ruler of the Earth.

There will be the usual parades in my honour, probably the floats left over from the birthday celebrations in June and November (for like The Queen I should have more than one birthday a year). Not as big and fancy as the twice yearly parade but a more intimate affair, maybe only a hundred or so. There will be at least one marching band per float, although this may require a change in education policy to ensure that there are enough brass band players in the future.

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Mid-year address

In which I take stock of a crazy 2015.

Mr Speaker, Mr Vice President, Followers of this blog and the general citizenry. Lend me your twenty pounds.

A quarter-score years ago I declared to this blog that I would write a blog, and that this blog should be here. I say to you it is here, not because it was easy and not because it was hard, but because I had nothing else to do.

The truthiness of this blog has, thanks to the grit and determination of its readers, got better. Together we have improved this blog from the Red Posting  to the elevated heights of a post about beds. We did this. So you are as much to blame as I. The people didn’t expect this, nor did they want it, but I say to you know we have it. Our children will have this blog, our grandchildren will have this blog, it will resonate through the annals of history and like our casual disregard for the impending climate cataclysm they will look at their forefathers and say “Why granpappy did you not take action and stop it”.

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A reduction in writing

In which I reduce my content by 50%.

I live in a world without a delete button, or come to think of it a pause button. I also seem to be lacking a mute button as well to the chagrin of others. When I sit down to talk about anything I am going to go full flow with a lack of control or the ability to go back.

I should go back; too many times I go past the point where I should stop and push the limits of conversation. My biggest problem is that I want to be concise and erudite but when provided with a blank canvas I can’t contain myself and just end up carrying on and on and on….

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This is a do-over

In which I send my regards.

At some point in the last few hours this site started to create iron.

Within a fraction of a second, the weight of this blog collapsed upon itself and went supernova. The resulting explosion has jettisoned the mass of hot gases that constituted content of this stellar site and left a tiny remnant of its past glories.

Once again Geek Ergo Sum is star-dust, with all the resulting elements floating around waiting to coalesce and reform into something new. The galactic circle of life continues as dust forms grains forms rocks forms planets. From the primordial depths of the internet new posts shall evolve, take shape and rise and fall with likes and shares.

In what seems like a regular annual occurrence I have taken a sledgehammer to this site and my posts. Whereas I would normally change a few categories, alter a featured image here and re-tag every post; this time I have gone for the ultimate change. I have removed everything…

As  a few hundred posts all vanish in the blink of an eye I can hear one voice cry out, and not be extinguished. That is the voice of Mrs G, who at this announcement will be rolling her eyes at me from behind the screen she is reading this on.

Maybe I didn’t drink enough water today, perhaps I had too much tea or the broken sleep is catching up on me. Whatever it was I had had enough. Not sure what enough I’d had too much of but I knew that I thought I knew it was enough.

And enough’s enough.

So I took down every post, picture, rant and embedded video and decided to start again. So this is post zero, well actually it is post one but you get the picture. Maybe the removal of all my content was a diversion from something else. It wasn’t but I just needed a segue for this:

As we tiptoe nearer this site’s shiny new era I will make a confession. I am going to make it easier on myself to get up and running, I am more a Visigoth than a vandal. As it stands there are 626 drafts that consist of those posts-not-yet-published and posts-that-were-but-now-are-not. Part of the rebirth exercise is to connect to the posts past lives and help save me time.

The four years I have been writing (and deleting) have, hopefully, helped me improve; so now I want to tidy up and republish some of the good stuff that may have been lost. It will also let me exorcise some of the not-so-good trash that I have on a regular basis produced.

So for those who were there at the end, I welcome you to a new beginning. For the rest, be glad you didn’t know what this site was like before it was gentrified.

Ladies and Gentlemen.