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The Outsiders?


The BBC website has an article asking whether geek and nerd are now positive terms, well what exactly is a geek? It would be very easy at this point to reach for a dictionary. Well not physically, I can see it on the bookshelf but it’s out of reach…and I’m comfy. I suppose I could check the dictionary app on my iPod, or google it from the widget on my android phone. I could even just check it on the internet on my Linuxed netbook that I am typing this on. Does using freeware vector software to make an avatar count as geeky?

Hmmm. That does give a good idea of what a geek is, or at least how we are perceived by non-geeks. To them we are the techy ones, all computers and calculators. There is often some truth in that, technology is synonymous with geekdom, but there is often much more to it than that.

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50 Things a Geek Should Know

Pic-Geek Memorial

Ambling around the internet I came upon a very interesting pseudo-infographic from a company trying to get some cheap PR and SEO by talking about a random subject thinly connected to their business.

It claims to be able to separate the “real geeks” from the “nerd chics” by listing the 50 things a geek should know, ranging from facts about sci-fi to programming tidbits. So to measure my geek credentials I’m going to take the test and see what I end up with.

Feel free to play along (although I will be answering some of the questions so don’t cheat).

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Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall


If what we write is a reflection of ourselves, then what does this site say about me? Do I have a digital reflection in all the bits and bytes that can somehow be reconstructed to create an artificial replicant? Wouldn’t that be cool.

Some may say that this would be quite scary, and enough reason to shut down the internet lest Skynet develop my personality, but what about this site? Does my blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts say about me?

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Being a geek


I accept that I am a geek, heck my blog name declares it to be so. What I don’t understand is why many others can’t. My family and most of my friends make it sound like I should be ashamed of my social grouping. But I am not. Thankfully I have some awesome friends who do accept me for what I am.

I know fellow geeks (and nerds) who are made to feel that the fact they have obsessions that are not reported in the gossip columns or on trashy TV they are somehow lesser. I know the sons of Feanor, how is this different from knowing the names of the children of a z-list celebrity? I read fantasy novels, they read about their fantasy Mr Right.

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