Diverse styles of writing

In which I refuse to be drawn to a particular genre.

I was playing around on the internet and stumbled upon the website “I write like” (https://iwl.me/) and had a bit of a play to see who it would match me with. After sticking in a few of my recent posts I am apparently a mixture of Anne Rice and HP Lovecraft.

I was unaware that my missives on beds, babies, and office temperatures was in the same genre of Interview with the Vampire and At the Mountains of Madness. Is there something similar in my rantings to the gothic imagery of Anne Rice or the impending horror of Lovecraft?

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Habitual writing

In which I continue my daily posting habit.

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, normally my commitment span for any hobby is a couple of weeks top. Like many people I get it in my mind to do something and then my endeavor comes to a halt. Learning the trumpet or teaching orphans to crochet…month max, but I’ve been writing for nearly five years.

Plus this year I have so far completed a post a day as well. It’s like this has become a regular thing. You may even call it a habit.

Maybe that’s what writing currently is for me, just a habit. I’m reaching the point where I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t make it to December 31st. So even with prompts to write where I am not totally motivated I still put fingers to keys.

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Reflections of me

In which I try to reflect upon myself.

If what we write is a reflection of ourselves, then what does this site say about me? Do I have a digital reflection in all the bits and bytes that can somehow be reconstructed to create an artificial replicant? Wouldn’t that be cool.

Some may say that this would be quite scary, and enough reason to shut down the internet lest Skynet develop my personality, but what about this site?  Does my blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts say about me?

Firstly the title, it is a corruption of the Latin Cognito Ergo Sum (I think therefore I am). Therefore it’s meant to be I geek therefore I am, although I’ve never taken a Latin lesson in my life so my usage is almost certainly wrong. Then again I don’t care about language rules and restrictions. I’m happy that I have English as my language because it is so flexible with the way it can be used (readers may notice the penchant I have for alliteration and commas) and having a grammatically incorrect blog title reflects this perfectly.

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I said hey, what’s going on

In which I use data to not prove very much.

Suggesting I look at my blog stats feels a little too much like work. As in real work, because my real job is as a Digital Analyst. I sit looking at pageviews and transaction funnels all day so when it comes to my own site I am quite unconcerned by it’s numbers.

My most visited post is (unknown or deleted), I have no recollection of what it was called or what it was about. I blame the post pruning I did at the Red Posting where I deleted 400-odd posts. Don’t worry they will be back, I’m just editing them and reposting them to a new audience.

This got me looking at the other popular posts on the site, could they give me any special input into what drives visitors to read some of my rants? Is there a trend that suggests I should write more about my lunch or focus on lists? What do my top posts tell me about this site and those who take the time to read it?

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One year on…

In which I keep messing with my blog rather than adding to it.

I woke up to a reminder that it has been one year since the Red Posting, the day when I went all Lannister on this site and removed every post from the last few years. The reasons why I did it are now a bit of a blur, normally the destruction of this site is accompanied by a downturn in my mood, because on this occasion I had no reason send everything to the trash bin.

Since then I have been slowly rebuilding the site to be a better version. I can’t remember which one I am on now because I have been through as many cycles of rebirth and destruction as The Matrix. This time it does feel a bit like the ending to that trilogy, the cycle may have been broken but it has probably left a bunch of people disappointed.

Now one year on from the ‘do-over’ I’m not sure what has really changed. The number of posts is at a similar volume, and the quality is just as erratic, but I have become more regular at putting something up here (so far I am on track with the Daily Post challenge, beating my previous record by eight months).

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