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End of year Review 2013


As we come to the end of the year it’s traditional for everywhere to be full of “Best of…” lists, which is handy to get me through the slow days at work between Christmas and New Years. Normally I’m not a stickler for tradition but I do like lists.

To round out the end of the year I thought I would have a brain dump of my best moments of 2013. This is a bit harder than I thought as I actually struggle to remember most of what has gone on in the last twelve months.

Let’s get this show underway…

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Life in Westeros is not fair


This post has spoilers, it talks about a thing that happened in the last few days that has shook the world. Well it shook Twitter. This post will talk about the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, and whether the public reaction is valid. To do so I will need to describe recent events. Some of you may have seen what happened, some of you may have read about it many years ago, some of you may have noticed something afoot on Facebook. This introduction will not mention it, but I’m merely mentioning the fact that I am not mentioning it to let you know that it will be mentioned.

You have been warned!

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My last post may have contained spoilers, I did post a warning about a new piece of DLC but not about the chance I may be recalling any events from a game that is over a year old (and an additional piece of information about an even older game). I’ve had complaints that I should have plastered warning about them, that by not hiding them or providing clear signposting that I have somehow broken one of humanity’s cardinal rules: Thou shalt not spoil.

In the age of the internet spoilers seem inevitable, so what should be the etiquette around them? Is the burden of silence on those in the know or those avoiding the news? When is it acceptable to talk about something without fear of ruining the surprise?

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