Am I still a football fan?

In which my support starts to waver.

April is nearly upon us, so that means we are coming to the climax of the football season. I should be getting excited as all the preamble of the winter months is over and now we get to the business end of the season. Except this year I couldn’t care less where AC Milan (the team I support) finish.

Perhaps I no longer care about football? Maybe I’ve got to the point where I no longer have any reactions to twenty-two men running around a pitch other than casual amusement.

This malaise has been creeping up for a while. Where before I would celebrate the highs and shout at the lows of a match now I just shrug my shoulders and change the channel. There is no longer the threat of a sore throat after a penalty shootout, nor the silent brooding that comes from a poor result. I have become ambivalent to game that a few years earlier next-door-but-one neighbours could hear me cheer to. Continue reading “Am I still a football fan?”

Saving your football club

In which it can’t be too hard to run a football club.

My local football team is in trouble. They have a new manager (but same old bad results), don’t own their stadium and have no plan for the future.

I should at this point admit to not being a Coventry City supporter but as they are my local ‘big’ club I would class myself as a follower. I will check their results on the internet and would have liked to see them back in the Premier League yet in the 11 years since they left the top flight they have aimlessly lurched from crisis to crisis, in 2007 they were 20 minutes away from administration.

For a team that has a loyal fanbase and a large catchment area they should be performing much better. Granted they will never be a Manchester United or Arsenal but Coventry is the 12th largest city in England, if Southampton can be challenging for Europe then so could Coventry City. So what went wrong?

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1994 the year I found soccer

In which I say Goooooaaaalazzzzzoooo,

As a kid I was not that interested in sport, I preferred books and later computers, so sporting events in the 80s and early 90s mostly passed me by. I knew that the Sky Blues had won the FA Cup in 1987 but I spent most of that match playing with polystyrene aeroplanes on my parent’s stairs. Something then changed around 1994.

Firstly I discovered Sensible Soccer, perhaps the greatest football game ever made.

Playing with my dad, he would choose recently crowned (but soon to be disgraced) European Champions Marseille. Looking for a suitable opponent he suggested the beaten finalists. A certain Italian team founded in 1899 by an Englishman , the team of Maldini and Van Basten, the Diavolo, Associazione Calcio Milan.

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