Flight or fight

In which you wouldn’t like to see me angry.

When I fight I fight to win.

What is the point of finding yourself in an altercation that you are happy to lose? My number one aim is the jugular and I won’t be happy until I am standing victorious over my defeated foe. It’s why I’ve never one a game of Civilization with anything other than a conquest victory, I start out all peaceful and want to spread harmony and peace but then Gandhi nukes my capital and I will seek vengeance upon my attacker (and all those who were not involved because they stood by and watched).

It’s this desire to see my victims destroyed that I tend to stay away from conflict, my flight or fight response is not in perfect balance so I try to avoid getting myself in a position where I have to rely on my animal instincts. If I don’t have to make the choice then I don’t have to deal with the consequences. Who knows what happens when I get angry, I don’t like it when I get angry…

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Fight or flight

In which I would definitely shoot first.


I’m lucky that when it comes to arguments I’m pretty good. I have a competitive streak that skews the flight/fight response to all out war when it comes to a discussion or disagreement that means I go straight for what I want to say right away.

The occasions when I have regrets about things not said are so rare that I don’t even recall if there are any. It’s like asking me to talk about a time I was wrong. It just doesn’t happen. Being a big believer in attack being the best form of defense the idea of a perfect comeback suggests that you were not winning the battle.

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