Tossing a coin for another life

In which I try to imagine whether it will be heads or tails.

I don’t believe in the Multiverse, it seems a bit over complicated to me. For the  uninitiated the multiverse is the idea that for every decision that can be made an alternative universe is created. If you toss a coin there is one universe created for it landing heads and one for tails (not counting the one where it lands on its side and the one where you don’t catch it and it rolls under the sofa).

Let’s say you have you do a coin toss once a day, then you are creating 730 different realities a year. If everyone on the planet did the same then we are creating 5,110,000,000,000 universes a year. This is just human decisions over a coin toss, it doesn’t count the myriad of choices we make every day let alone over a lifetime.

Let’s throw a little chaos theory in while we are talking all physics.

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Looking forward to the future

In which children are the future.

Three years ago we had just avoided the end of the world, it was a close run thing but it seems that either the Mayans or the Numpties were wrong. So now in 2015 life has moved a long way on since the end of times.

On one hand world events should not leave us with a lot of optimism, but it’s nearly Christmas and in the last three years I’ve gained a lot. This makes me think that if my life is on an upward trend, and by the time 2018 rolls around no matter what else is going on I’m hoping my world continues to be good.

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Sonnet of life

In which I write a sonnet to my happy life.

Life in Casa G is a little strange at the moment. The Feliciraptor is away and life all of a sudden seems very different, as though this is what it would be like if she wasn’t around all the time. Added to this I work in the centre of Birmingham so get to think about when I lived there as a bachelor. It is strange to think that my life could have quite easily have been very different.

After having a few painful failures at trying to make changes to my life I finally found the right combination of people and time to make a big difference. In my old life I would have been looking forward to a weekend playing Rock Band 4 by myself, instead I am going with my wife to London and looking forward to my daughter returning from holiday.

That’s a pretty good life to be thinking about.

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Morning faces

In which I try to get up.

Mornings are hard, I have so much to do it can be a stretch to get out of bed. In my bachelor days all in had to achieve pre-work was getting dressed. Now I have a list of tasks to get done.

Despite having to get up earlier than ever I have the best reasons to do so. When I was single I was wondering what the purpose of working and making money was. Now I have those who I wake up to in my life it is clear why.

I do the morning because it is hard, but the rewards are great. It is the smile on their face that what I do gives us a good life, and a life worth that early morning alarm call.

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Iceland Air

In which I fly to Rejka…Rekya…Wreckyo…Iceland.

I’ve just managed to squeeze in this one, like most things in my life I like to make the clutch play and pull of an amazing victory at the last minute. That’s because this post is the most northern post I have written, I’m currently at Rekjavik airport waiting for a connecting flight to see Nana G and family.

Life is full of little victories, getting The Feliciraptor to sleep for most of the first leg of the outbound flight feels like a base hit, now with the five hour part to Newark to come I’m looking for a solid play to make it all the way to gone plate.

Feliciraptor sleeping on a plane

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Grandparent’s Day

In which every day should be Grandparent’s Day.

I’m finding it hard to sit at a computer tonight as my eyes and nose are streaming from hayfever. Added to the warm temperatures, and the British home not being built to deal with anything above temperate, I have barely slept all week. This is where the sympathy should end, unless you feel bad that I was kept up by the hour long thunderstorm last night, because I didn’t have to get up to look after a child this morning.

That’s because The Feliciraptor was sleeping over at Grandma-G’s.

One of the perks of the job seems to be that your parents who just a short while ago were helping you out of the door now welcome your own offspring with open arms. I think it’s mostly because they know they can give them back, but we are lucky that we can have some weekends and nights to ourselves because people are willing to take a baby of our hands for a night.
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