Fear itself

In which there is only the heat death of the universe to worry about.

There are two great fears I have. Everyone should be scared of something big, the kind of worry that threatens to change your life if it came true or you had to face it. Before I tell you what they are consider this quote.aa

So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This quote is from one of the great leaders of the 20th century but it is a lie. It’s a great big whopping cake of a fib. There’s plenty of things to be scared of. I’m not including spiders or heights in this, they can easily dealt with by a rolled up magazine or not climbing a mountain. Plus they are perfectly understandable, spiders can be poisonous and falling from a few hundred feet is not conducive to having a good day. Yet these aren’t fears. They are worries.
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Being scared of your shadow

In which Mrs G doesn’t let anything real scare her, but is terrified of the not real.

Once upon a time there was a girl with a very vivid imagination. She imagined that she had an amazing husband (which was true), had a beautiful daughter (which was true as well) and also did more than her fair share of the nappy changing (which was not as true). More than anything the girl like to imagine scary monsters.

It is not that she particularly liked monsters, they were scary and she was scared of them, it was that her imagination was often out of control and she would get worried about them pretend attacking her. If someone told her that her shadow was a black hole and would swallow her up then she would spend her whole time shining a light at her foot to rid her of it.

Then one day The Girl went and saw a play about ghosts.

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Nothing to fear but fear itself

In which I get a little scared.

Fear is a funny thing, we are constantly told to fight it but it serves as a useful survival tool. What would life be like if we were to not be scared at all, a little fear can go a long way to stopping someone from doing some very silly things.

I’ve said before there are only a few things to be genuinely terrified of (bears with guns and the heat death of the universe) but it is still okay to be a little frightened of other things. What is not alright is to be so scared to be paralysed with fear. Sometimes you need to be brave enough to take a chance when it’s presented to you, just like I did four years ago.

That was when I decided to “do something silly” and asked Mrs G to marry me. I should have been to scared to ask based upon the fear of rejection but I took a punt and look where I am now. Being to frit to pop the question would have been terrible and a great argument for the abolition of fear, but now I have new fears.

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The danger of Killer Whales

In which I welcome our Orca overlords.

Get your damn flipper off me…

The start of the end of humanity has begun; a court in San Diego has agreed to hear legal arguments over whether a Killer Whale should have the same protections and rights as humans. Of all the animals we could choose to make our equals we chose killer whales, they are not our equals…they are better than us.

I love and fear orcas; if reincarnation is real then I would want to come back as a Killer Whale. They are amazing animals, but also brutally good hunters. They will beach themselves to catch seals. They will drown baby whales. We should not be allowing them the chance to serve openly in the armed forces (or get married because this is the kind of slippery slope I rely on politicians to warn me of).

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