Scales and IF formulas, or Practice Makes Perfect?

I’m sure most of us have sat down and discussed which superpowers they would like, but have you ever sat and thought what real-life talent you would most like. None of use are ever going to fly or shoot lasers from our eyes, but there is always the chance you could be good at something. Perhaps its being able to cook like a Michelin chef or be exceedingly good at woodwork.

Talents are different from abilities, you have to work at them to achieve anything. Someone (Usain Bolt) may be born with the ability to run really fast, but no one ever just sat in front of a keyboard and wrote a critically acclaimed book. To be talented in something you have to work at your craft until it appears as though it is an ability.

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More than a Spreadsheet, or On the Edge

One of the most frustrating descriptions of my job is that I’m “The Numbers Guy”. We’ve just done a personality profile exercise when I wasn’t in the “You like spreadsheets” group there was a few incredulous looks. He uses Excel so he must love writing formulas and doing tables?

What if I told you the answer to that was “kinda”, of course I take some pleasure from a well presented set of stats but I do it because I’m good at it (and helps pay the bills) but very few people ever dream of being an analyst when they are little. Even now at the age of 34 (just) I don’t wake up excited about the prospect of firing up a new .xls file.

Instead of being a numbers person what keeps me sane is the fact that I can use this skill to be a more creative person.

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