A simple English breakfast

In which I throw everything in the one pan.

Saturday morning is the most sacred part of my week, it is the time where I sit down in front of my weekly feast of fried pork products (although some may argue that it’s not just Saturday I do this).

Most people’s idea of an English breakfast can vary, some people will swear by black pudding whilst others need to see the plate swimming in baked beans. Some prefer brown sauce, others red. My own has a strange variety of tinned tomatoes with strict rules around their preparation.

Firstly the fat to cook in, for the health conscious you can use sunflower oil. If you want to do this right then stop worrying about cardiovascular disease and stick in a knob of lard (beef fat). It has a lower cooking temperature so will prevent burning of your meat. There is nothing worse than some hot oil giving your sausage a nasty burn, so make sure you wear an apron for safety.

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