Cricket affectiveness disorder

In which I come down with an illness that lasts five days.

Tomorrow is the start of the end of my summer illness, no not hayfever (although I have been clear of that for the last few weeks), but a stranger disease.

I suffer from a curious illness, at times it can be crippling but I had thought in the last few years I had been able to get over it. However at recent events it has come back with a vengeance. I suffer from Cricket Affective Disorder (CAD), I have the Wicket Blues. This particular malady only affects a certain sub-group of people, the English Cricket Team fan. No other nation has been able to report a similar illness (although ongoing research is being made into Australian Smugness and Indian Cricket Mania) and medical organizations are desperately trying to find a cure.

Recent studies by WHO and the ICC had shown that cases of CAD was in decline and were ready to declare the complete eradication of the disease at the beginning of summer. However it seems that the disease has mutated into a more powerful form, possibly with the N1 TeAM strain seen a few years ago crossing with bout of KPERS earlier in the year.

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I’m just a jealous guy

In which I write letters to those I wish I was.

I don’t get very jealous, I am quite content with what I have. There may be times when I’m a tiny bit envious of someone but I’m lucky to be in a position where I can normally have the things I covet. I’m not saying I’m not jealous of anyone who drives a classic Ferrari, it would be great to have one, but my fiesta does get me from A to B and without the crazy insurance bracket.

There are a few people I wish I could be, although I’m not ready to give up my current life to do so. I also realise that they got where they are and have what they have through their own hard work. So here are my open letters to those lucky few:
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