2017 – In review

Considering it has been a whole twelve months since I last posted here not a lot has changed in the world. We still seem to be looking forward to another year that isn’t as bad as the one before it. If anything 2017 has made 2016 look like the George W. Bush of years.

It has also been a year where my creative juices seemed to have been on hold and resulted in the grand total of one post (this being it) for 365 days worth of time. As is tradition though, I couldn’t let the end of the year pass without a review and plan for the next (hopefully!) twelve months. Continue reading “2017 – In review”

2016 – In review

Let’s be honest, who is going to miss this year. By all known metrics this has been something of a disaster of a time period. None of those shows that look at past decades are likely to linger on 2016, it is unlikely anyone will ever go “You know what was a good year? 2016”.

So as the final moments slip away like another beloved celebrity it’s time to have a look back at what I wanted to achieve this year and despair as I find  out that my to-do list was hacked by the Russians.

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2015 End of Year Review

In which i decide last year wasn’t that bad.

As the final hours of 2015 tick away it’s a good time to think about what I’ve done this year. I always feel bad about reviews because I am certain I didn’t do enough when in fact I have a list of achievements I forgot about due to the amount I had actually done.

I’ve found this out at work after being complimented on just how much work I had completed in just a few months, I had forgotten most of it because I was too busy to reflect backwards. So with 2015 almost over it’s time to asses how I did against the goals I set myself on January 1st.

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2014 End of Year Review

In which I look back on my 34th year.

That’s it then, another year over and what have I done? In one sense it was not as crazy as the previous few years but it has still gone by in a bit of a daze. I managed to get away without any life changing event for the first time since 2009 so it has given me some time to take stock and live life a little.

The best thing for me to do is take a look back at the resolutions I made all that time ago whilst in the middle of a baby-sleep-deprived state and see where I went wrong. After the Red-Posting a lot of what I had written has gone but I managed to find a copy of the post I made where I plotted out my new year resolutions…and looking at the first one I may be on to a loser here!

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