Shallow learning curve

In which I try not to think too much.

Lucy is a movie about Scarlett Johansson being the super powered femme fatale that is not constrained by living in the male-dominated Marvel universe. She gets to use all her brain and it turns out that let’s her do some pretty cool things. If I got to use all my brain I’m not so sure I’d want that power.

Apparently we only use 10% of the brain at the moment and that seems like plenty for what we need to do, any more than that and it has the potential for a lot of bad. I am able to get up in the morning and stumble around making a cup of tea on just 1% of my brain (as a Brit we have evolved tea making along with breathing and blinking) so what would I do with the rest of the neurons?

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Teach yourself

In which I learn the lesson that I need to learn my own lessons.

The induction process of any new job is tedious and dull, you sit around listening to others telling you what your job really is (as opposed to the one advertised) and get handed a pile of documents that hopefully tell you how to do it.

This is normally supplemented by hours upon hours of sitting next to someone and watching them go slowly through these documents and explain complicated concepts such as copy and paste and using the long way to save a file. You have to sit there while you scream use Ctrl+S and please learn the Alt+ESV method of pasting values. If only this style of learning wasn’t the form of education that riles me.

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Multiple college dropout

In which being a failure never hurt me.

I’m a year and a half away from completing my degree. Well ‘completing’ in a very loose sense, mostly in the “I’m one year away from spending three years in higher education”. I’ve not yet technically completed one year of university at a level that could be classed as ‘passed’ even though I can count the number of times I have dropped out on one hand.

That may not sound too bad, as most people who have been to university or college can count the number of times they have attended with the same criteria. But most of these graduates will only need one digit. As for me, I only have the pinky finger spare.

I no longer have the itch to return to education, each time I have been it has been the law of diminishing returns and just not as good as I remembered.

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I don’t need no education

In which I plead with teachers to leave me alone.

Mrs G is currently signing up kidlets for their A-levels and it got me thinking that when I was sixteen and making these curriculum choices I had no idea what I wanted to be so how could I choose the right course?

Three times I’ve been in further education, three times I’ve dropped out. I’m a non-graduate in a graduate role and one of the few people I know or work with of my age that doesn’t have a degree. Then again, in a complete lack of modesty, I’m also one of the smartest people I know.

Unless by smart you mean actually sticking at a course and getting qualified so I can use that certification to its fullest.

When looking at moving to the US one of the key problems I will have with immigration is that my education stops at A-levels and doesn’t reflect my actual skills and knowledge. If I could be sixteen again what course would I do?

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Oh the humanities

In which I prefer multiple choice than essays.

There is nothing like the certainty of a maths equation, or the satisfying reaction of two chemicals. Even biological theories are consistent, with the selection of the fittest creating a more predictable discipline. As we discover more about the physics of the universe we learn that it to has a set of rules that need to be obeyed. This is why I like the Sciences, as soon as you learn the framework it is pretty easy to understand.

The Humanities don’t have this simplicity, the Wikipedia article on “English Grammar” is 35% longer than that of “Physics”. This is because we know how gravity works but we still can’t nail down “i before e”. Humanities put the subject into subjective.

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