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Looking forward to spending time with the TV


This Christmas is a special one, in November there was a huge even and we get the payoff on Christmas Day. I’ve been getting ready for this for a while as we knew well in advance how special this day would be, and I can’t wait.

It’s a regeneration on Doctor Who!

After the events of the ‘Day of the Doctor’ and a sight of those eyebrows I’m super excited for the now annual event of the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This has been my excuse to go home after Christmas dinner so I can curl up on the sofa and spend my time with a timelord.

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The 12th Doctor

Pic-Geeks are Cool

The geek in my URL would be completely wasted if i didn’t make a post about the biggest news of the week. I’ll admit that I sat and watched a thirty minute reveal programme full of meaningless interviews and an over active host just to find out who the star of a TV show would be. Now all the fuss has died down I’d thought I would jump in a few days to late into a conversation that has moved on to “OMG WOT NO WOMAN OR IDRIS ELBA?!?!?”

For those that either have been hiding in a Welsh quarry or just don’t care, you probably don’t know but Peter Capaldi is now the 12th (or possibly 13th) incarnation of The Doctor.

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Test drives


A confession, after watching the amazing Pacific Rim on Friday I’ve spent the whole weekend pretending I’ve been piloting a Jaeger. Every activity has been completed with imaginary piston noises in my head and tackling the laundry was just like a fight with a kaiju (except more summery fresh).

Ever since I was a kid I’ve dreamt of driving imaginary vehicles, at school I was the pilot of the Golden Condor from Mysterious Cities of Gold, and this has continued to adulthood. The chance to control some of the greatest machines of sci-fi is just so alluring.

Being able to imagine piloting any vehicle is a very tricky exercise, after all with such a myriad to choose from how do you decide. You know what this sounds like? List time!

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