A modicum of comfort

In which a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel make an appearance.

All is not well in the State of Sum, I’ve spent the day at behind a desk running a fever from an unknown ailment. This is not one of those “cough man flu” situations as I have no other symptoms, I’m just running a high temperature for some reason.

I’ve been like a little fire since yesterday, and I’ve been able to only get a few hours sleep. It’s one of those stupid fevers where you are warm with covers and cold without so in the end I kept them on because that was less effort. Now though I’m the train home.

This means I’ve become one of ‘those’ people and I feel sorry for the lady who is now having to sit next to the sweating guy who is literally feverishly typing on his phone (that would be me). I just want to get home for some comfort.

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