The inflatable boy and other jokes

In which I stand side by side with comedy greats, and they ask what am I doing there.

Comedy is a very subjective thing, what I find funny and what you find funny may complete polar opposites. For example I like well written situation based comedy with genuinely funny actors and actresses, that isn’t afraid to introduce new themes and push the boundaries. And you may hate ‘My Family’.(THAT IS A JOKE…NO ONE LIKES MY FAMILY! – For an American Audience imagine that My Family is replaced with “Two and a Half Men”)

I thought I would tell you a joke, but I can’t seem to think of one, so instead how about I show you some of the great exponents of comedy?

So here are a few of my comedy greats (with evidence).

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Children falling over are funny

In which I find toddlers tumbling too funny.

I am a terrible person, what I find funny is pretty horrible. This is not about me finding something horrendously macabre hilarious, I am not that callous, but the subject of my mirth is a touch unfeeling.

A good example of this was a few weeks ago when The Felicirpator was moving cushions around her Grandma’s front room. She had placed one on the floor and then started to wander around looking at the ceiling. It was obvious what was going to happen.

As she tumbled over the mislaid furnishings I was unable to resist. For some strange reason children falling over is my weakness, and for some strange reason I find it unbearably funny.

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With all due respect

In which I completely adhere to the rules.

A daily post topic on being snarky? How will I even be able to bring myself to write three hundred words in a slightly sarcastic manner. If anyone thinks that I get snarky then I do apologise.

In fact I’m surprised that my love of sarcasm doesn’t get me into more trouble. For those who say it is the lowest form of wit I always think that regurgitating that quote provides there is still room to go.

I’ve recently been given a lot of parenting books that turn the snark up to eleven. With titles like “Let’s Panic About Babies!” or “Go the F**k to Sleep” they were never going to be useful, but at least they are fun. That is the great thing about snark, at least you can have a laugh.
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When is it too soon?

In which I wonder what the time limit is to make bad-taste jokes.

I am a bit of an awful human being, I find quite dark things very funny. My sense of comedy is very black so I have a sense of humorous fascination with aspects of life that others might feel deserve more respect.

This is why I struggle with a sense of “Too Soon”, or maybe because I like pushing boundaries of what is deemed acceptable, but finding the laughter in the morbid is just a way to cope.

When I go I’ve already planned my funeral, and if my wishes are not followed then there are going to be reductions in the payouts to any beneficiaries. I don’t believe that death and tragedy should be wrapped in its morbid sheath for eternity because it gives it the power to be destructive.

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