Disappointed travellers

In which I travel to China and listen to British tourists complain it’s a bit foreign.

“Its not like back home”

The mating call of the elderly English traveller when confronted with the foreignness of being abroad. A statement full of shock and disappointment that other places aren’t like the cities they are used to. As if Shanghai should be like Sheffield , or Beijing is a bigger version of Birmingham. Or as it was succinctly put by a Geordie Granny, “its a long way from civilisation”.

I love watching the British as they try to deal with the fact that when you travel the holiday destination does not fall over themselves to change their language and customs to adapt to those who visit. It is normally the same Brits who complain about foreigners over here not speaking the lingo, so I find it fascinating to just sit and watch the fun.

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Travelogue : Places I’ve been

In which I look to travel some when nice.

I’ve been extremely lucky to travel to most corners of the world, especially in the Northern hemisphere (the closest I have come to crossing the equator is The Maldives. Thinking about where I still want to go is a short list (New Zealand and Brazil) but there are still places I have been that I would like to go to some other time.

Literally, some other time. I have been able to visit some of the greatest cities on Earth but I was less than impressed with them. If I had the chance to revisit them I would love to see them at a different time, perhaps during a period that shows of their quality.

As usual, in no particular order, here is my temporal travel list.
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Travelogue : The land of Nod

In which I can’t get no sleep wherever I am.

The most inconvenient part about going on holiday is that often the places you want to go to are so far away. This means that you have to adjust to a completely different time zone which takes, well, and time to get used to. Rather than seeing all the sights of the Far East I am spending my time dozing on the Beach in the Land of Nod.

It affects me quite hard, I have sat wide awake in a hotel room in central Shanghai at 4am thinking about how I should be sleeping, while my body is arguing that it is only twenty past nine at night.

I know that come 8pm China time I would be falling into bed exhausted from a days sight seeing, yet it will be more likely that my messed up body clock will grind to a halt midday as it thinks that I should be tucked up in bed back in England.
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