Underestimating fate

In which I over-estimate the power of destiny and leave life to fate.

I really hate the idea of destiny, whenever I’m playing a game and my character’s destiny is mentioned it annoys me. It means that my path to the end has already been written, I’m basically taking a train ride and occasionally get to look out the left or right window but know it won’t matter as to my end destination.

As with computer games so with life, I don’t believe that my ending has already been jotted down in some celestial notebook. More than that i don’t want to believe it, otherwise how am anymore than another NPC in a universe wide version of The Sims?

I much prefer the idea that I am master of my own fate and therefore my life’s events will be (mostly of my own doing).

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The chaos of life

In which any attempt to predict a course in life will only end in failure.

I don’t believe in going back and changing history, it is easy to redefine one event for a different outcome but there is little heed paid to the ripples of your new reality.

When you toss a coin and call heads or tails the impact of your choice does have some effect on the next time you flick it in the air. Did you get it right, then maybe you will be more likely to go with the same decision again (or maybe not because it’s 50/50) so changing your mind is going to have repercussions.

Let’s say you have you do a coin toss once a day, then you are creating 730 different realities a year. If everyone on the planet did the same then we are creating 5,110,000,000,000 options a year. This is just human decisions over a coin toss, it doesn’t count the myriad of choices we make every day let alone over a lifetime.

Now consider the impact of making a big change to your history. This is not just a Butterfly in Tokyo causing a tornado in Texas, it is creating a hurricane in your life.

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