Excel is not that exciting

In which I am excited by no longer being bored at work

I’m just a couple of days into my new job and I’m still loving it. It would be a little awkward if I wasn’t as jobs are not a dime a dozen. I’m still in the honeymoon phase where everything is new and different and, as a result, exciting.

I’m now in the world of contracting which means I may now only spend a few months at a company before moving on. As well as the financial recompense this may be perfect for me because what can bore me is becoming stuck in the same role, I want to develop and learn new skills and not just do the same thing every day.

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Boring books

In which I try and read past page 34.

In recent years I have lost the reading bug, being married means I have other things to to at night than curl up with a good book. For instance making lunches and doing thte washing up. As a result I have to be more particular with which novel I pick up.

There may be plenty of problems with The Da Vinci Code, but it did something Captain Corelli’s Mandolin couldn’t. Make me want to turn the page, and that is a key factor for a book getting it’s teeth into me.

I read Life of Pi, and I am told it is a well written book, but I thought it was rubbish. It won the Man Booker Prize but nothing happened, or if it did I missed it.

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