Three blogs to read

In which I replay some of the posts you may have missed.

One of my worst blogging habits (and something I aim to improve next year, after all 2015 was about productivity!) is not reading enough of other’s work or leaving comments and likes. I’m a terrible blogger.

To rectify that I’ve been reading some of the posts from the last few days and picked out  a few on my reader list that I really think are great (not that if you are not here you are not great, this is why I hate including blogs here because of the amazing ones I have to miss out.)

In no particular order, a couple of posts you may have missed today:

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I just can’t choose

In which I’d love to share some other great blogs.

I talked before about how I hate to choose favourites, it makes me uncomfortable to pick out people (even if I think they deserve it). I’m nearly at the end of the Writing 101 course and with one day to go I should really showcase some of the excellent writing that has been done.

The only problem I have is who, and what, to choose from the hundreds of posts made during the last few weeks. So as per the norm I am just going to pick some of the posts completely at random and see where we go. from there.

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