Oh the places I’d rather not go

In which I look at the world around me and wonder if it is worth saving.

I’ve been very lucky to go to some amazing places, and I can’t think of many locations I have been to that I wish I had never gone. Even Paris, it was not to my liking but I am still thankful I got to go once (although being married to a Francophile I have the feeling I will be going to the City of Love again).

There are very few places I wouldn’t like to travel to; everywhere has a certain quality that piques my interest. Despite this I can think of a select number of locations that I would rather not have to go to if I can help it.

They all have one thing in common, they are a little closer to home than you would imagine.

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4 things that took the nuclear option

In which I may have leant on the red button.

Nuclear power was once meant to be the fuel of the future (which as anyone who is in the know will now tell you is quite obviously LPG – how long does the brainwashing last?) In the early days scientists and marketeers alike told us of the many amazing applications the mighty could have.

Rightly or wrongly, nuclear power has now got a bad reputation. Incidents such as Chernobyl and the recent events at the Fukishima plant have highlighted that when a nuclear power plant tends to get into trouble it generally causes quite a few problems.

Many people have imagined a post-nuclear apocalyptic world, so that sounds like a great excuse for a list.

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