Why NY bagels are the best

In which I experience bread based heaven.

The Menu.

Ingredients: Bready goodness.

Preparation: Getting my coat on to go to the Bagel Emporium.

Cost: $


Let me start with a caveat, the UK do not have bagels. It may look like a bagel, but it the same way I resemble a basketball player from a distance, this is a bagel in shape only. Or as Mrs G said “they’re basically a piece of bread with a hole in it”. It is a Polo loaf.

You can buy a bag which proudly announces it’s authentically New Yorker, upon showing this to the Queens originated wife she just scoffed. She did the same thing when Grandad G thrust a bag of “New York” bagels in her face. I think the reaction he was hoping for was a happy look in her eyes as she realised that she could get a piece of home from a UK supermarket.
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New York menu

In which I eat a proper bagel.

I’m looking out of a strange window as we are now in New York (after a long second leg where The Felciraptor forgot to sleep and ended up completely crazy). I’m still pretty jet lagged so again I will keep it short.

Other than caffeine the only thing keeping me going is the food. I love the town Nana G is living in because the food is amazing, and (just like this morning) it begins with the bagel.
New York bagel with salmon salad spread
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