Bad Movie Club

In which I love watching trashy sci-fi movies.

I am not a cultural snob, nor am I too picky about the choice of entertainment I watch, so I’m quite happy to trawl through a list of movies that contain more CGI than dialogue. So when Mrs G could not decide on what to watch it was left to me to decide. Unfortunately I could not find any obscure French art-house films or anything by Jane Austen so we ended up watching bad movies instead.

Calling them bad movies is a bit unfair, they are the kind of films that are never going to win academy awards but then neither are they going to pick up a Razzie either. They are the kind of hammy action movies that drape set pieces on a thin plot and allow you to turn off your brain for a few hours. In fact they rely on you switching off your brain because if you left it switched on it the lack of logic would as easily fry your cells as a rogue electro-magnetic pulse would the Golden Gate Bridge. Continue reading “Bad Movie Club”