Tossing a coin for another life

In which I try to imagine whether it will be heads or tails.

I don’t believe in the Multiverse, it seems a bit over complicated to me. For the  uninitiated the multiverse is the idea that for every decision that can be made an alternative universe is created. If you toss a coin there is one universe created for it landing heads and one for tails (not counting the one where it lands on its side and the one where you don’t catch it and it rolls under the sofa).

Let’s say you have you do a coin toss once a day, then you are creating 730 different realities a year. If everyone on the planet did the same then we are creating 5,110,000,000,000 universes a year. This is just human decisions over a coin toss, it doesn’t count the myriad of choices we make every day let alone over a lifetime.

Let’s throw a little chaos theory in while we are talking all physics.

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