The Angry Dwarf

In which I tell you a tale of a dwarf who got hurt but then got better.

Here is a tale from the archives, in fact The Angry Dwarf was one of the first stories on my old site…I must add I am not feeling like this anymore, the scars have healed. So with words and pictures by Me, may I present:

The Angry Dwarf

PIC-Angry Dwarf

Far away in the land of make believe there lived a dwarf, not one of the mean and nasty variety but one of the nice ones that you would take home to see your mum.

He had only one weakness.

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The Angry Dwarf: Happy Ending

In which the Angry Dwarf gets a happy ending.

I’m not sure I believe in the idea of a soulmate, but there are certainly people who can change the way you feel. Before Mrs G I was a little bitter towards the idea of ‘love’, so much so that I wrote my Magnus Optimus Prime:

“The Angry Dwarf”.

The Angry Dwarf was written at a time when I was feeling pretty bitter about everything. Events over the last few years have completely changed that mindset around and my thoughts no longer really match the ending. I still like the original ending, but have been asked to rewrite it to make it happier. As the person asked so nicely, and I am unable to say no to a pretty face, here is the shiny unicorns and rainbows ending.
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