What is the worst that could happen?

In which I decide to take a chance and ignore the consequences…should they happen.

I’m moving jobs, again, and putting the financial well being of our household at risk. It may be the case that I’m getting a (significant) pay rise but I’m trading that for job security. I’m off to join the world of contracting.

It suits my itinerant nature, I can be like The Littlest Hobo or The Hulk moving from town to town offering my help and wisdom before moving on. Maybe tomorrow I’ll settle down but for today I’ll take the rewards. What’s the worst that could happen?

Other than having no job?
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Keep a tidy desktop

In which a tidy desktop is a tidy mind.

Empty, not an icon to be seen. My desktop is as vacant as Windows will allow with only a solitary Recycle Bin sitting empty and unused. Nothing gets kept on the desktop; not a shortcut, rogue text file or gif. My physical desk is as empty as possible so the electronic version reflects reality. It all comes down to organisation.

Basic organisation of anything is not hard, when you name your files properly you can quickly find what you are looking for saving you more time to do fun things like drink tea and eat biscuits. Unfortunately when it is easier to make a mess most people will resort to a lackadaisical system of bad labeling and filing. Which is why most people’s desktops are a mess of badly named files.

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I don’t need any advice

In which I would advise you to not listen.

I like giving advice, because as this blog shows, I like the sound of my own voice. Let’s be honest who doesn’t? It’s a natural thing to try to rise above the general mumbling of the masses to assert our influence over others.

Due to this most advice is completely inane.

  • “Look on the bright side”
  • “Things will get better”
  • “Don’t press the big red button”

As much as we like telling others what we think, we seem to be incapable of listening to any good advice provided by others.

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I have a face for directions

In which strange people are always asking where to go.

I am a little confused I have something on my face, looking in the mirror I can’t tell if there are veins really close to the skin or if I have spots that look like little church markers. It is confusing because I seem to get stopped by a lot of people to ask for directions.

I do wonder if my face looks like a map because there is nothing else about my face that suggest I am a human sat-nav. My demeanour on the streets is the same as on a train, avoid eye contact and march purposefully towards my destination. Despite this public hostility I am still flagged down to provide assistance to lost travellers.

Last week while using my phone I provided the location of the large shopping centre in Birmingham. If I walk too close to a kerb a car will crawl up beside me and I have to tell them where to go. Even when abroad I am still treated like Google Maps.
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A Great British intervention

In which the first step to admitting you have a problem is going LALALA.

My name is GeekErgoSum and I have an addiction, I’m not sure whether it is to bacon, computer games, the internet, Vimto or the myriad of other things I like too much but I feel in today’s society I must be addicted to something. Perhaps I am addicted to addictions and need an intervention.

Being British being outspoken about such things is not de rigeur, it’s the stiff upper lip and all that, so we carry on regardless until we make the decision to tackle our problems. If we defeat our demons the appropriate celebration is a well-deserved cup of tea.

We are not used to talking about our problems, least of all approaching others to offer our help. Can you imagine such a thing? Telling another person they are doing something wrong, which is why I find interventions so funny.

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A graduation speech

In which I part with wisdom and leave the choice of whether to accept it to you.

Class of now, life is unpredictable. At any moment in your life you are asked, and expected, to make choices that can have an impact on the remaining decades of your existence. You will make the wrong choice.

Life is all about making the wrong choice, about making mistakes, but what defines you is not the errors that you make but the way you deal with them.

Rudyard Kipling was right when he said “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same…you’ll be a man my son”. You will have the chance to blame others for your failings but you need to own them.

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WordPress for Numpties

In which I provide terrible advice for those who have never heard of WordPress.

Cover of "WordPress For Dummies"

For the last week I have been reading the excellent WordPress For Dummies, partly to get more ideas on how to run this blog.

So what have I learnt about how to use this blogging platform? I thought I was fairly adept at it all until I go to the section on coding. I know nothing about code, with the exception of a bit of VBA so I had to stop after chapter five (I’ve added PHP For Dummies and CSS Web Design For Dummies to my list though!)

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Just being me

In which I look forward to the new year.

2015 has started to leave, as I type this parts of the globe are already taking part in 2016 yet I still wait for the calendar on my desk to become obsolete. As the new year approaches I normally have this feeling that it will be no different to any I have experienced before.

Every year seemed to be an Annus hic ut prius, with the promise of change and the disappointment that I wasn’t able to do anything in the last twelve months. A time to reflect on another three hundred and sixty-five days of wasted opportunities, so if I had the chance to become someone else next year and alter myself utterly I think I will choose to stay the same of me.

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Nothing to fear but fear itself

In which I get a little scared.

Fear is a funny thing, we are constantly told to fight it but it serves as a useful survival tool. What would life be like if we were to not be scared at all, a little fear can go a long way to stopping someone from doing some very silly things.

I’ve said before there are only a few things to be genuinely terrified of (bears with guns and the heat death of the universe) but it is still okay to be a little frightened of other things. What is not alright is to be so scared to be paralysed with fear. Sometimes you need to be brave enough to take a chance when it’s presented to you, just like I did four years ago.

That was when I decided to “do something silly” and asked Mrs G to marry me. I should have been to scared to ask based upon the fear of rejection but I took a punt and look where I am now. Being to frit to pop the question would have been terrible and a great argument for the abolition of fear, but now I have new fears.

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Saving Money Expert

In which I try and teach you to watch the pennies.

I’m no saving money expert, nor am I FSA regulated, so I am not sure how helpful I can be to help you, the 99%, survive in this downturn economy (if you are reading this from the UK welcome to the double dip recession).

In reality saving money is easy. Don’t spend it and your money, like Mr Benn’s shopkeeper, will magically appeal. The problem is that the economy is measured by looking at how much stuff has been bought. If no one buys anything we end up with the recession we are in at the moment. I guess what I’m saying is that to save money you should spend it and then we’ll all be better off.

You may not have much spare cash, so what can you do to make your money go further? Well here is the GeekErgoSum solution to your cashflow woes.

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