The joy of giving

In which I have to go an buy presents.

I’m a gift giving Grinch. I don’t find present buying easy. I also don’t find gift receiving that great either. I have no idea what I want so how can I answer when people ask what I want for birthdays or Christmas?

I have decided on many occasions that it is much easier to give me money, and then I can take the stress of present buying off my relatives and buy whatever I want when I want it. For many years my Mum would provide me with her credit card details and I would go and order my gifts from Amazon. In return I would ask “what do you want” when it came round to the reciprocal moment, feeling this was a key part of the social contract of gift-giving I had entered.

Now I have two people in my life who have decided they want a surprise. So as it is The Feliciraptor’s birthday soon I have to decide what we are going to get her…after that it is only one month till Christmas.

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