Day seizing

In which Mrs G advises us all to Carpe some days.

It has been a little tense at Casa de Geek this past weekend, a number of factors has caused emotions to be a little frayed. It began when we sent our car off to have it’s annual inspection and the results came back fairly terminal. Rather than spending more money than it was worth on trying to make it roadworthy we decided to get rid of the vehicular money pit.

Added to this was the visit of Nana G from New York, not that she was a cause of any badness because she wasn’t but because it is a reminder to Mrs G of what she left behind in America to come and live here with me.

It was also half term so we got to spend extra time with The Feliciraptor but now we are both back at work it means less time with the ball of personality. All in all it has felt a little glum. Looking back though these ‘bad times’ are nowhere near being the ‘worst times’.

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Motivating my wife

In which I try to get Mrs G going.

I used this blog as a threat last night. Granted that is like standing in front of 300 Spartans with a stick of rhubarb and accusing them of looking a bit small in their speedos, if I was going to threaten someone with this blog the only way to make it menacing is to use the computer I write as a cudgel.

Thankfully I wasn’t going to use it in a violent way, I am a man of peace and a leaf on the wind. It was an attempt to get someone to write. She knows who she is…it’s Mrs G so now you know as well (I don’t believe in keeping secrets). She would like to be a writer, and I would like that as well. At last count JK Rowling was worth a billion dollars and that’s nothing to sniff at. She spends a lot of time tapping away at a keyboard but as I had to get up in the morning and go to work the New York Times bestseller list has yet to be threatened
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