I’m a criminal

In which I am chased by an irate French policeman.

Despite my angelic looks I am really a bad boy…I’ve had my share of run ins with the law. I’m hardcore criminal scum. I’m bloody gangster mate. 2460hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh1.

Me as Jean Valjean

Like all members of the underworld fraternity I think I should share my stories of villainy. What you are about to read could shatter your faith in the inherent goodness of humanity.

Let’s go back to a quiet Sunday afternoon on the dangerous streets of inner Bedworth. A small amount of litter is blowing outside of Stubbs’ toy shop, highlighting the plight of a town centre that hasn’t been cleaned since Friday. Continue reading “I’m a criminal”

The Great Aberystwyth Fire

In which I shout tân, tân!

Today I’ve been thinking about fires, Ok that sounds as but scary to start of a post with but there is a reason. I’ve been reminiscing about the first time I went to university, and whilst I was there was a slight incident ‘allegedly’ [citation needed] involving arson that practically destroyed my halls of residence.

For those at the time ‘The Great Aberystwyth Fire’ or, as some knew it, “Yn brydio chan Saesneg efrydyddion” will not be forgotten for a long time. It was one of those events that seems to happen to other people, the kind you watch on the news and think yourself lucky you are not involved.

Except in this case I was, and I was also on the news.

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