Dad music

In which I am going to have CDs marketed to my children around father’s day.

I’m now of the age where I only know who is in the charts if I hear them on a TV ad.

Today was spent listening to ‘classic’ music from the 1990’s, I am a member of Generation X but we are being left behind in the alphabetisation of time. No more so than my taste in music which is certainly showing my age.

Here are a few of those albums that are stuck on my playlist to show I am too cool for those older, but to fusty for those below. This is obviously a reflection on my music taste and I therefore make no apologies for the quality.
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Isn’t it annoying don’t you think

In which things are ironic, don’t you think?

Time to feel old, because ‘Ironic’ by former Canadian God Alanis Morissette is about to turn twenty years old. Even though it is a song about misfortune rather than irony (as I’m sure it is aware to most people) it’s at least a great song about annoyances in life.

To celebrate I’m going to break out the songwriting handbook and have a stab at rewriting the lyrics. My rhymes and phrasings may be more Sondheim and Starkey but when has that ever stopped anyone?

So, to the tune of Ironic…Annoyance.

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A day in the life

In which I read the news today, oh boy!

I had a bit of a rant to some people offline about the banality of my everyday routine, how I do the same thing five days a week until I get a chance to rest at the weekend. I thought this might be worth a blog post but today will be different.

Today I am going to try my hand at something new. I cannot promise it will be any good, not that I really promise any of my posts are of a high quality. This is just a preliminary warning that rather than the free-flowing paragraphs you may be used to I am trying my hand at songwriting.

Or more specifically, lyric writing.

More more specifically, slightly changing the words of an existing song while also breaking the syllable count and possibly any rhyming.

A day in the Life of Geek Ergo Sum.

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A playlist for my life

In which I make a mixtape of me.

How do I choose a playlist of my life? I have a flexible arrangement with music, I listen to it but don’t really pay much attention to what it’s saying (and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would say I do the same with them) so I can barely remember what tracks were playing during various parts of my life.

So if I was to try and create a mix tape that acts as a audio-biography I’m going to struggle. So struggle I shall, I’m going to pick six tracks which say something about me and try and sum up me in around 30 minutes of music.
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Playlist of my life

In which you can buy the three cd collection for just $19.80

Tonight is night one of the rebachelorhood, Mrs G and the Feliciraptor are safely in Berlin and now I have the freedom of the house to do what I want. Normally when I sit down to write I do it in semi-conversation with Mrs G or we have the TV on as background noise. Tonight I can dive in to my music collection and listen to music super-loud (especially as it is not going to disturb a little thing).

Nicely today’s prompt is to put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe my life. This was trickier than I thought because how can you capture 30 odd years in just a few tracks? Mostly this is because I am terrible at remembering lyrics, songs that would fit (Like Crazy Crazy nights) have good titles but don’t fit enough.

In the end I have distilled it down to just three.
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Wedding music for grooms

In which it is the man’s job to find the tunes.

When planning the music for mine and the Then Future Mrs G’s wedding we decided that the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” was a bit staid and cliché, so we decided that we should look (or listen) at having our own wedding march. Neither of us are Beethoven or Chopin, so we were going have to choose something already composed.

There are a number of criteria for the processional, and they seem similar to other services styles, so to help other couples going through the same conundrum I thought I would put together a helpful list of the tunes we had on our possible playlist and provide some suggestions for wedding music for grooms. Continue reading “Wedding music for grooms”