Analyzing my WordPress posts

In which I use my analytics skills to not come up with very much.

My most visited post is (unknown or deleted), I have no recollection of what it was called or what it was about. I blame the Red Posting where I deleted a few hundred posts (although we are nearly back up to 600!)

This got me looking at the other popular posts on the site, could they give me any special input into what drives visitors to read some of my rants? Is there a trend that suggests I should write more about my lunch or focus on lists? What do my top posts  tell me about this site and those who take the time to read it?

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GeekErgoSum: A music review

In which I review this site by looking at some influences.

It is hard to categorise this site sometimes, it’s partly the reason I am half way through retagging and recategorising everything on here. The noise it makes it not harmonious and is often discordant.

You would expect a piece such as Geek Ergo Sum to have a theme, an underlying harmony, but instead it seems to be a random collection of hits. And by hits it is more like the discarded B-Sides from pieces that never made the Top 40.

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WordPress for Numpties

In which I provide terrible advice for those who have never heard of WordPress.

Cover of "WordPress For Dummies"

For the last week I have been reading the excellent WordPress For Dummies, partly to get more ideas on how to run this blog.

So what have I learnt about how to use this blogging platform? I thought I was fairly adept at it all until I go to the section on coding. I know nothing about code, with the exception of a bit of VBA so I had to stop after chapter five (I’ve added PHP For Dummies and CSS Web Design For Dummies to my list though!)

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Three blogs to read

In which I replay some of the posts you may have missed.

One of my worst blogging habits (and something I aim to improve next year, after all 2015 was about productivity!) is not reading enough of other’s work or leaving comments and likes. I’m a terrible blogger.

To rectify that I’ve been reading some of the posts from the last few days and picked out  a few on my reader list that I really think are great (not that if you are not here you are not great, this is why I hate including blogs here because of the amazing ones I have to miss out.)

In no particular order, a couple of posts you may have missed today:

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Habitual writing

In which I continue my daily posting habit.

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, normally my commitment span for any hobby is a couple of weeks top. Like many people I get it in my mind to do something and then my endeavor comes to a halt. Learning the trumpet or teaching orphans to crochet…month max, but I’ve been writing for nearly five years.

Plus this year I have so far completed a post a day as well. It’s like this has become a regular thing. You may even call it a habit.

Maybe that’s what writing currently is for me, just a habit. I’m reaching the point where I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t make it to December 31st. So even with prompts to write where I am not totally motivated I still put fingers to keys.

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Open bracket comma close bracket

In which, I, being me, use the comma, way, too, much.

I have an interesting relationship with Mrs G due to my interesting relationship with the English language. I love both but sometimes have a strange way of showing it. In terms of my affection for my native language I demonstrate this by my liberal use of punctuation.

If there is the slightest opportunity to throw in a non alphanumeric character I will take it. Comma, question mark? I will use it even if it is as reviled as the exclamation mark!

Still I have my favourites, and most of my writing (whether personal or professional) will include them…and I have used them all in this one sentence.

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Creative spreadsheet

In which I express myself via the medium of math.

When I was littler I never once said “When I grow up I want to use spreadsheets all day long”. It was never the goal to be stuck behind a screen looking at tables of data and working out what on earth it means.

I have a hard sell with the work I do, Mrs G will often say that I have the same title as Chandler from the classic TV series Friends (let’s talk about how old Friends is for a moment…it started in 1994, so for the Feliciraptor it is already 19 years old. The equivalent age gap for me would replace Friends with I Love Lucy). Yet I’m no executive specialising in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration, I’m just someone who happens to be good at reading numbers and relaying them back to others.

The only problem is with numbers you have no way to express yourself.

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Motivating my wife

In which I try to get Mrs G going.

I used this blog as a threat last night. Granted that is like standing in front of 300 Spartans with a stick of rhubarb and accusing them of looking a bit small in their speedos, if I was going to threaten someone with this blog the only way to make it menacing is to use the computer I write as a cudgel.

Thankfully I wasn’t going to use it in a violent way, I am a man of peace and a leaf on the wind. It was an attempt to get someone to write. She knows who she is…it’s Mrs G so now you know as well (I don’t believe in keeping secrets). She would like to be a writer, and I would like that as well. At last count JK Rowling was worth a billion dollars and that’s nothing to sniff at. She spends a lot of time tapping away at a keyboard but as I had to get up in the morning and go to work the New York Times bestseller list has yet to be threatened
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