Having an office cold – Part II

In which I manfuly spread my disease.

I love this song by The Cranberries.

What I don’t love is the office cold, which is just lingering like some feral youth on the street. Being all up to no good and just generally causing nuisance.

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The normalcy of life

In which my life is a series of fortunate events.

There have been times in my life where it has felt completely crazy. I’ve only just started to experience the feeling of a settled life after almost five years of upheaval and constant change. I look around and this period of calm feels almost surreal.

Instead of reacting to anything that life can throw at me I’m starting to plan, the short-termism of the last few years being replaced by a long-term view of what I want to do, or be. I have felt like my life has been in one long sideways skid for so long that now I have straightened it out and got control back I am ready to put my foot on the accelerator again.

That feels odd.

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Calm before the house moving storm

In which I put up a ‘For Sale’ sign.

A lot has happened in the last few years; getting married, having two kids, numerous job changes, as well as two house moves. So now that life is starting to recover from the last major event (the arrival of A-Rex) I have that nervous tic that makes me want to stir things up.

So I’m moving house again.

After getting some normalcy with a sleeping baby it is time to get stressed over deposits, and mortgages, and packing, and movers, and new furniture, and soft furnishing colour choices. Life is about to get choppy and we are in the eye of the storm as we stare at the approaching clouds

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Summer dress code

In which offices insist on cooking men’s legs for ‘decency’.

The office thermostat has currently been set to Fuerteventura, or the winter air-con settings have been turned on at work. I think this is an acclimatization exercise so it doesn’t feel so warm when I get outside in the sub-30c heat. The other option we seem to have is artic, so I have to pack warmer clothes and a pair of mittens to be able to use my computer.

At the moment though it is too hot, it is either due to the multitude of screens I now have (and would like to keep), the wall that is painted the same colour as the sun or the fact I have to dress in long trousers whilst the fairer sex flounce around in flimsy materials. The worst part about this is that, just like all office scenarios, they complain it is too cold and want the heating turned up. Do they not know that us men are warm blooded? We are too hot when skinny dipping in the methane pools on Titan?

I once got in trouble with my manager from the unnamed opticians for wearing the same type of clothes on a dress down day as most of the females did on a normal business day, apparently men do not get a summer dress code. Why did my uncovered toes suddenly become a health and safety issue when others stumble around on a daily basis in heels? I do wash them.

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I’m not an island

In which I no longer stand alone having seagulls poo on me.

Sometimes people need reminding that they are important. Life is pretty big and crazy that we can feel like tiny outcrops of rock being hammered by the waves of live, slowly eroding us until we disappear beneath the surface.

Today Mrs G could do with remembering that, life in the last few weeks has been pretty choppy and she has felt a bit she was alone. She thinks she has a lighthouse of rejection warning ships to steer clear. Yet that’s not the case.

In fact I had a post that tells her exactly what I think of her from the archives…

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The Great Aberystwyth Fire

In which I shout tân, tân!

Today I’ve been thinking about fires, Ok that sounds as but scary to start of a post with but there is a reason. I’ve been reminiscing about the first time I went to university, and whilst I was there was a slight incident ‘allegedly’ [citation needed] involving arson that practically destroyed my halls of residence.

For those at the time ‘The Great Aberystwyth Fire’ or, as some knew it, “Yn brydio chan Saesneg efrydyddion” will not be forgotten for a long time. It was one of those events that seems to happen to other people, the kind you watch on the news and think yourself lucky you are not involved.

Except in this case I was, and I was also on the news.

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Like rain on your wedding day

In which I say I do.

Normally I don’t like to get excited about events, for if you hype it up too much you are only going to end up disappointed. Yet I have been lucky enough to have a few moments where the excitement was completely worth it.

As regular readers will know this blog veers towards the cynical more than the soppy, but please accept my apologies as the next few minutes may require your screen to be rubbed with Vaseline. On Saturday, August 18th 2012 the then Future Mrs G dropped the ‘future’ part of her name as we said our vows and got married.

It almost didn’t happen, as after the first hymn the vicar conducting the service leant towards me and said:

The answer to the next questions are ‘I do’

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Lord of the wedding ring

In which the ring returns to its master.

The Indian Ocean is 73,500,000 square kilometres and my wedding ring is about 2cm across, making it about 0.0000000000003% the size of the body of water we are staying in. So imagine how hard it would be to find if I lost said ring in the afore-mentioned ocean.

(I know there are some flaws with such an argument about finding it amongst the whole Indian Ocean as it is unlikely that I lost the ring anywhere near the Seychelles or Sri Lanka, in fact the area it could have been in was about the size of half a football pitch, but it ruins the dramatic intro).

After 30mins of snorkeling (with my factor 50 suncream and a t-shirt on) I suddenly noticed that my left ring finger was naked. Two thoughts crossed my mind, should it tell Mrs G and would she believe me. Well the answers to these are I did and she didn’t.

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Summer is coming

In which a slight increase in temperature is cause for mass hysteria.

It’s getting fairly mild in here which means that the British summer has started to arrive. For anybody from these isles complaining about the poor weather we have had this year it is invariably met with the comment “ooh, it’s too hot”.

Important cultural fact about the British, we are basically Goldilocks with the exception we never find anything that is just right. During the long winter my house has been an ice box, requiring the central heating to be on full blast, but the first time that the sun comes out it has converted from a freezer into an oven.

It taunts us like a Frenchman does an English knigit, when I get home it feels nicely cool and refreshing. As soon as that door closes then it whacks itself straight up to gas mark 10 and proceeds to slow roast the household.

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Another perfect birthday

In which another birthday rolls around.

Time is a strange concept, hours linger while the day flies by. A month is over in a sneeze, but a year goes forward slowly but speeds up when looking back. A calendar seems to be subject to the chronological Doppler effect, with the high pitched whine of the past echoing into the distance.

So it comes to pass that I have another birthday, but birthdays seem different now. For a start I get a card from my offspring. Getting a card with “Daddy” on is a present in itself.

What makes this quite satisfying is that I found an old post from a couple of years ago that had the following:

So here’s to looking forward to a future birthday, to when I am 40, by which time I hope to be in a job I love, be married and have kids, in a nice house by the sea.

In the space of a few years my life has changed considerably, as it always has seemed to do.

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