Being a child while still a child

Trying to identify the moment that I grew up is difficult, mostly because I am still waiting for it. I still have a childlike quality that is equal parts endearing and equal parts annoying. For many this may be a liability but now I have a playmate to mess around with I can see the benefit of keeping my Peter Pan complex.

Too many people of my age have lost the ability to have fun. Too worried about looking silly, or don’t want to take the risk that they might enjoy themselves. Being silly isn’t being grown up and we’re adults, and so should our children be. Everything in life seems to be geared towards making children be adults and it’s not something we are going to pressurise the Feliciraptor or A-Rex with.

I was never forced to grow up and neither shall they be.

It doesn’t matter if they can’t count to 75, or if they are able to play ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ on a piano. The Feliciraptor enjoys shaking her head and kissing bees on the television. She does this with a huge big smile on her face, and makes us all giggle with her.

We will do all we can to protect them from the moments that make you grow up suddenly. While they are children they can act like children because, as I know, you are judged for being childlike when you are an adult.

This is not to say we will wrap them up in cotton wool like some parents do. By some of the content that can be shared on some Facebook walls you would think we were monsters. They are sometimes allowed to cry (SHAME) and we have even told Feliciraptor “no” (MORE SHAME) and, for some parents this is the worst, we have even made her share (J’ACCUSE!).

We do this because we do want them to grow up, but to grow up gradually like Me and Mrs E did. As far as I see it my parenting responsibility is to make sure that whenever they enter the world of adults they need to both be well-functioning members of society.

If they can get there by having a bit more fun but a few less rosettes then so be it. Nothing should make you feel older than you want to be. Now if you excuse me I have a monkey to play with.

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