Just doing my job

In which I thank myself with some flowers.

Messy desk at work

I have a thankless job and I’m happy with that, I feel awkward when I’m congratulated and just want to reply with “just doing my job, maam”. Ignoring the problem with referring to my manager as “maam” it also causes me problems in getting ahead in business.

The main issue is I belive my job (kind of like a
executive specializing in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration or a transponster) is a service job. It my my role to help others do their roles better. I’m a caddy or a buttress, I should only be noticed if I’m not doing my job properly.

So when I do get thanks I get all worried. Why? Why what did I do and was the rest of my work so bad that I didn’t get thanked for that? Added to that is the awkward moment of receiving praise.

I do what I do for a reason, and the number one reason are the people I go home to at night. I’m always honest with employers about this and give my 100% to the current employer du G (no 110% here because that means my calculations are wrong).

Yet over the years I have been thanked… I was thanked a couple of times today, and a member getting better and being thanked and also saying it myself. It must be part of being a dad, because I have to keep saying “ta” for all the imaginary tea and half chewed biscuit deposited in my hand.

When your biggest admirer gives you a half masticated cookie you’ll take gratitude in any form.

Source: Praise

Author: geekergosum

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