Wanting to be the villain

In which I want to play the bad boy.

Devil whispering in a mans ear

Being a somewhat occasional amatuer thespian (not to the point where I am out every night as once a week rehearsals are my limit, I like to see my family from time to time) there are a number of juicy roles to be trod on the boards.

All the roles I covet have something similar about them, the first being their musical roles. For all the will in the world I am never going to be a singer, I am more deaftone than baritone, so why would I want to play I role I can never do justice to?

It may be due to wanting to play the crazy, mad, and bad guy.

In a lot of plays the lead characters can be a bit boring, they are all earnest and trying to win the girl or right some wrong. Plus they have a lot of lines to learn and spend a lot of time on stage rather than chilling out in the green room.

But the manic, scenery chewing, hammy roles of a villain? They are often among the best parts of any musical. They have the most interesting characters, after all why are they insane or bad? Were they just written that way?

Take my first desired role, The Dentist from Little Shop of Horrors, here is someone in the role of their dreams and had his sadism encouraged by dear old mummy. Elsewhere you have the wet Seymour doing awful things for love but the man in the white coat is doing the one thing he loves. Just a shame that his amour is causing things pain.

The there is Thenardier, I know he has a huge backstory (because Mrs G has told me, and basically because Les Miserables is all one big book of coincidence between the only 10 people who lived in France at that time) but what does it matter when he looks like he is having all the fun in the world? Would you rather be hunting down a fugitive by the stars or rooking the guests and cooking the books?

There are also those roles that just seem to be written to enjoy, despite the character involved being the worst. That’s why I would love to be Herod from Jesus Christ Superstar. Anyone I have seen perform this role looks like they are having the time of their lives, and this is all I want from a theatre role. I just want to have fun, and what is more fun than pretending to be bad.

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Author: geekergosum

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4 thoughts on “Wanting to be the villain”

  1. I always wonder what it takes for actors and actresses to play villans in movies. It’s fascinating really. They have to dig really deep to portray a hated character.


    1. For a start I think it begins with $$$. I’ve read two interviews with the actors that played Joffrey and Ramsey Bolton in Game of Thrones and they had some interesting experiences. The guy who played Ramsey had a great time because he said if he had tried to get in the mind of the character it would send him crazy


      1. I alos think it takes incredible strength to not get wrapped up in the character. I think the more acting experience you have, the easier it will become to keep the character you are playing and yourself seperate. Laverne Cox just did an interview about this season of OINTB(Orange is the new black) where she said she had to go to a really dark place in her past to convey the angst her character had throughout the season. She said she scheduled regular appointments with her therapist throughout filming because she wanted to keep herself from going to those dark places in real life, once filming concluded.


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