Calm before the house moving storm

In which I put up a ‘For Sale’ sign.

Picture of houses

A lot has happened in the last few years; getting married, having two kids, numerous job changes, as well as two house moves. So now that life is starting to recover from the last major event (the arrival of A-Rex) I have that nervous tic that makes me want to stir things up.

So I’m moving house again.

After getting some normalcy with a sleeping baby it is time to get stressed over deposits, and mortgages, and packing, and movers, and new furniture, and soft furnishing colour choices. Life is about to get choppy and we are in the eye of the storm as we stare at the approaching clouds

The good part is that it will all be over soon, in fact the whole process of moving house is going to be super quick. We only found the house a fortnight ago and we are already setup with a mortgage, new sofa and quote for a removal man. Today we saw the plans for our house and we are told that we will be in this time next month.

We will have gone from “Not thinking about moving” to “New house” in less than two months. As with the whistle-stop courtship of Mrs G I don’t act slowly.

It will be worth it. This is the last move I am planning for a very long time, the size of the mortgage will see to that, and we are close to being in our forever house. There is enough room for two (or more) children to have a double bedroom each which will accommodate them past teenagerdom and beyond.

We now have enough space to accommodate a sizeable Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter gathering, there is a room that can be used as a play area (then study), there are three separate toilets so we can all sit and play Pokémon Go on the loo.

So the next few weeks are going to be spent knee deep in bubble wrap and all the fees we have to pay. It is going to be messy, there will be tears and tantrums, but like all storms it will pass.

Like all storms, it will wash away to old and leave a new future.

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