I write because…

In which I’m not sure why I type a few hundred words a day.

Vintage style typewriter for writing

When I started this blog, and the one that came before it, it was because I was looking for inspiration, although I still don’t know what I want to be inspired to do. Initially I started writing these posts for two main reasons:

  • To vent some of the pressure and anger I was feeling,
  • Something to do

My previous attempt to start a blog seemed to sway more to 1 than 2 and became more of a chore than enjoyment, and I don’t enjoy chores (seriously – I need to really do some vacuuming at home). Most of us will only have 36 million minutes on this planet so even to waste 60 of them each night not having fun seems a bit of a waste. It also seems to be a bit foolish to spend my time ranting to the environs of the internet rather than actually trying to resolve the problems in reality.

Yet, I still want to do this.

I want to expand what I write about and was feeling that I was trying to constrain myself to angry whining, although a few of the posts here hark back to previous musings I feel a bit freer to do different things even if I am yet to accomplish them. I’ve always wanted to keep a journal or diary, but neither had the will or method (yeah, I know WHSmiths’ sells diaries) to do so; and where better to put your thoughts and hideous neuroses as well but on the wide open expanses of the great shouting plains of the internet. This is also a vanity project; in the grand scheme of things I know this blog is not important. 13.7bn years of the universe have not led to this being the pinnacle of existence, nor is it likely to move others to great things.

I live to think that I am following Lord Reith’s mandate for the BBC; to educate, inform and entertain, and if I struggle to meet the first two aims I hope at least I meet the latter. It’s hard to gauge where my writing sits in the great pantheon of blogging because I write for myself first and then for the audience who may read it afterwards. This is why I could not setup business in the service sector, I put self-interest in ahead of the customer. I hope in the least I am interesting.

In the beginning the posts that seemed to garner more attention (amongst non-people I know) were either the “oh I’m sooooo depressed” or “LOL geeky” ones, and although I am not writing for attention (although some may argue that) it is nice to get feedback and comments. It is also worthwhile to think that there are people who are reading what you are writing, and that provides a source of inspiration to continue.

Has writing over 500 posts helped me to meet my goals? I certainly feel less angry, and it was a great source of therapy in a pretty miserable time, and the tone of the writing has certainly changed (seriously look at some of the posts under Rants…they are angry!). It’s also given me something to do, whether as an outlet for being creative or by the constant reorganising of my blog. It’s kept me out of trouble and gives me something to do on the train.

In the future what goals should I aim for, should I look to become an authority on a subject (as any “Make a Million on WordPress” book says I should) or just continue putting my thoughts online? Should I just write for pleasure, or write to inspire? I’m not sure I know the answers to these questions just yet.

Source: Pleasure

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

18 thoughts on “I write because…”

    1. This is the process by which i write, I just start tapping away and hope that I can find the way as I go. If I don’t get anywhere I can just stop but sometimes I find a really great thread that I can keep tugging at.

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  1. You should definitely write for pleasure, I think that is the only way you can inspire. Perhaps pleasure is not the right word but if you feel you can help or influence others that is the purpose of writing online and doing that is a pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you have one reader or thousands. But if you are writing just for yourself you might just as well write in your diary.If you only engage one person it should change how you write. Great writers reflect the world and can help to bring about change. But today you don’t have to be a great writer to be heard, all of us can be writers.
    If you want a larger audience certainly you should become an authority on something – find your niche.

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    1. I have this discussion with Mrs G who wants to be a writer, I do what I do as a hobby and I don’t want it to be ‘work’. I started this process as therapy and now I do it out of a creative habit, I work predominately with numbers so getting to exercise with words is a good mental workout. There have been a number of baby posts where someone has commented that it has helped them put in perspective life (such as not panicking about doing parenting ‘wrong’). That’s my one in “I wish I could change one life”. I like the idea of a larger audience but not at the risk of being unable to write about Children’s TV, politics, cricket, random music, Excel so that is why i have settled for the small and eclectic.


      1. Well it sounds like a great place to explore your thoughts & expand your mind. And it is that one person who you help who is the most important – you! It sounds like you have created just the right space that you need for you, I wouldn’t change it. I’m looking forward to having some time to check it out more.


  2. I enjoyed reading this (and your list post recommended via Commons link) and then also your ‘ why I don’t use pens and pencils’ post,& one or two other older ones. Your style’s easy to read and interesting. Look forward to returning to read more 🙂 cheers


  3. It’s interesting plenty even for a next day revisit! Different points sprang out in re-reading while the memorable ones refresh. Hopefully you’ll continue sharing your thoughts, you have such an engaging way of conveying them 🙂


  4. When I started my blog back in December, I had no interest in starting one. People have always been telling me to start a blog because I am a deep thinker and have lots to say. But I soon realized the value in having one in the first place. I am learning more about myself through my blog. I would write both for pleasure and to inspire because I think they go hand in hand with each other.


    1. I’ve always seen this as therapy (I started it as actual self-therapy) and as I work in a data-orientated role I get little chance to be ‘creative’. As a result I think that writing a personal blog is a great way to improve yourself as it allows you to organise your own thoughts and discover what excites and motivates you.

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  5. Interesting… your post is marked for today (July 1, 2016) but the comments are dated Sept 8, 2015. Did they recycle the prompt? Weird.

    Either way, you and I write for the same reasons, except I wasn’t as angry when I started writing. Just… emotional.


    1. WordPress are always recycling prompts (last year was all old prompts) and now they are on a one word idea kick (which has similar suggestions to their old style prompts). Some days I’m pressed for time and repost something older in case new readers haven’t read it, but normally update or add a little bit more. That’s why I have old comments (because I don’t like to delete them).

      Isn’t angry just an emotion 😉


  6. I write to inspire and to educate, but I also write for myself i.e. ranting (a bit). The problem with having a blog that has a lot of categories or stuff is that new readers can get confused about what the blog is about in the first place.


    1. I agree with the point about not having a coherent theme. Sometimes I think I should go down one avenue (Geek stuff…fatherhood) but I hate the idea of being tied in. The best idea is maybe I should have two sites, one that can be for general posts (like this) and one where I try and be a more genre-driven writer.


      1. People tell me that I should have two sites, but it’s expensive and time consuming. I had two sites: one that was personal and the other science-y. It stressed me out.


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