Putting up a political fence

In which I listen to what has been said and take it on board.

Houses of Parliament London

The events of the last few days have made me realise that there are many things I care about, but some I shouldn’t care about so much about. I’ve been either misguided or mistaken that my viewpoint and anger is valid if I am on the losing side, I should now shut up and put up and accept it.

I didn’t accept it, and I’ve not in the past. Even in the future I won’t privately accept it. Now things are different, I’ve found myself caring about arguing with others than my own family. I have a finite amount of energy and I no longer wish to expend it arguing on Facebook.
In fact I no longer wish to be politicised or political, responses I’ve received have certainly suggested that my views are invalid and I no longer have the revolutionary zeal to stand my corner.

I’ve been beaten. The world won. This is the point I guess every young person reaches when  they find they are no longer able to change the world. The message seems to be that we all just need to pull up our socks and make the best of it all. So I’m putting up a wall to prevent my ideals getting in the way.

I’m no longer going to fight for what I think is right but for what is best for me. Recent democratic moments seem to suggest that is how everyone else votes. As a humanist and an evolutionist I don’t see the lamb surviving long in a world of lions.

Most importantly it means the end of my digital political outbursts or advocacy. It has caused more aggravation and has taken up more of my time and energy than I would like. Nobody has asked me for my opinion and no longer will it be offered. In fact if you search this site then this may be to only politics post because I’m about to delete the rest.

I’m not seeking sympathy or encouragement to keep going and not let “them” win. They have, but for now all I care about is my family, my friends, my career and my health. Trying to care about politics is no longer worth it.

I’ll still vote, but I won’t fight. I’ll sit in my garden caring but surrounded by fences to keep the noise in.

At least there will be more Geek on here.

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Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

5 thoughts on “Putting up a political fence”

  1. I’m sitting over here chanting, “one of us! one of us!” Because sometimes it’s the garden tenders that quietly change the world. People just don’t realize it until the world has changed around them while they were out on the street corners trying to… change the world. ^_^


  2. Geek, this also makes me sad. I have come to respect you over the years that I’ve read your posts. I am sorry you got opening and disrespectful feedback on sharing your thoughts. I am commenting because I have always struggled with that balance you mention: should I vote for what is best for me, or what I think is best for society at large? I will confess, marrying Cohiba put me in a different tax bracket, frankly, and the stakes are now different for me. Now that I have we won, that will also change things for me. But I didn’t know anyone else who struggled with that, so thank you.


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