A simple English breakfast

In which I throw everything in the one pan.

Bacon and sausage in pan

Saturday morning is the most sacred part of my week, it is the time where I sit down in front of my weekly feast of fried pork products (although some may argue that it’s not just Saturday I do this).

Most people’s idea of an English breakfast can vary, some people will swear by black pudding whilst others need to see the plate swimming in baked beans. Some prefer brown sauce, others red. My own has a strange variety of tinned tomatoes with strict rules around their preparation.

Firstly the fat to cook in, for the health conscious you can use sunflower oil. If you want to do this right then stop worrying about cardiovascular disease and stick in a knob of lard (beef fat). It has a lower cooking temperature so will prevent burning of your meat. There is nothing worse than some hot oil giving your sausage a nasty burn, so make sure you wear an apron for safety.

The most important part of the English Breakfast has to be the sausage, and we are talking proper sausages here. None of that patty nonsense (otherwise you are straying into a Scottish breakfast here), I’m after pork in the skin…despite how rude that may sound. The choice of sausage is also critical, ideally it needs to be a relatively plain pork sausage. Nothing too fancy, or meaty or it could be too heavy for first thing in the morning. You want it to be light as you are going to need at least three of them.

A sensible cut of back bacon, none of that streaky heresy. If you are in American you would call this Canadian Bacon. The fat should be included, if you want to cut it off you should be asking if this is the kind of breakfast for you? An English breakfast is not exactly low on the calories or fat, perhaps you should think about a yoghurt with lentils, or whatever it is that healthy people eat. Smoked or cured bacon is acceptable but again plain is preferred, as with the sausage too much flavour is going to make the consumption of a pound of pork hard going.

Bacon comparison between back and streaky baconAn egg, fried, sunny side up cooked in the same pan to absorb the flavour from the meat. Simple.

I have been brought up on a specific type of tomatoes, tinned whole plum tomatoes in juice. The tops should be removed, along with any rogue skin, and then chopped (yes I know you can get chopped tomatoes but then you have to fish the nasty bits out). Added to this is an Oxo cube. What I hear very few people cry, you make tomato gravy? Yes, yes I do…and it is amazing. If there is space in the pan you should cook them with the rest of the breakfast. I mean, you don’t want to lose any of that precious pork juice (eww)!

This should all be served with a good strong cup of tea and some bread (white, medium thickness).


Bonus tip, adding chips to an English breakfast creates a wonderful fry up which can be served at non-breakfast times.

Fry up with sausage bacon egg aand chips
Daddy or Chips?

Source: Simplicity

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

7 thoughts on “A simple English breakfast”

  1. This made me laugh a lot! Not least because everything you said is true. However, while I believe black pudding to be a “nice to have”, I do think baked beans are a necessity. I do find the choice between baked beans and tinned tomatoes a difficult and somewhat controversial one.


      1. Well that’s exactly the reason I add baked beans. It’s just not right to have nothing with which to lubricate the other ingredients!


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