Everything is being broken

In which I connect the dots and realise I need to be more careful.

Broken keyboard missing letters

It comes in threes, that’s what I’ve always been told. Whether it is buses, triplets or Peter Jackson Tolkien adaptations we are told to expect a trio of happenings. This saying is nonsense, it is based upon the idea of grouping three things together to give a sense of commonality by which we can attach a common thread to make them feel connected.

It’s a trap I fall into. Three completely unrelated events in the last week had me writing three drafts, all of which are partly discarded but all could be grouped in with the tag “things that broke”. They could also be tagged “my own fault” and “inevitable”.

My mug is broke.

Broken Game of Thrones mug


My Lannister mug has met it’s end. Actually it’s my second Lannister mug to perish (both times at my own hand) and I’m worried I’m going to be know as the “Cupslayer”.

It happened because I was not paying enough attention and I dropped it in the sink. Strangely Mrs G’s Targaryen mugs have never broken (although they have got a little stained). I’m not sure if there is a direct link between crockery and the plots in Game of Thrones but I don’t think I could handle getting a Lannister espresso cup just in case.

My phone is broke.

Sony Xperia with a broken screen

This is the work of the Feliciraptor, and it is the second time she has broken the front screen on my phone. The phone was purchased with a baby in mind because it was waterproof (and therefore droolproof) whoever it is not pickitupfromthetableanddropitproof. It is my fault for leaving it where she could get it.

I wasn’t paying enough attention and left in lying on the kitchen table when a little hand grabbed after it as she was being picked up. It was at this point she decided to test the theory of gravity (yup that still works) and dropped it onto the kitchen floor.

My iTunes is broke.

Again nobody else to blame but myself, I was not paying attention as I changed my iTunes library settings to break it for the second time . All my playlists, rating, playcounts are gone and because it is backed up to the cloud everytime I try to rectify it the cloud angrily shouts at me.

I should just leave well alone and be more careful and attentive, at least these three things are easy to replace. Next time it could be something I care a lot more about.

Source: Connected

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

6 thoughts on “Everything is being broken”

  1. My cockney mum always said “things always come in threes”, so it seems she was a wise woman. Even today I wait for No. 2 and 3 after No. 1 happens. What is it with this iTune thing. It seems to be the rock in Mr. Swiss life, without it he cannot live cyberwise. Horror of horrors he forgot his password. I have a neat logical list. He also has/had a list but not so logical and is now in communication with the Apple headquarters. Not my problem thank goodness, I do not do iTunes, although Mr. Swiss told me it is vital for me as well as it seems to be the key to my Apple life. As I have a neat organised list of passwords (on a stick not on the computer) I do not have a problem. His are/were also on a stick, but it seems the wrong ones.


    1. I’m in the process of dropping iTunes completely, I have all my music nearly sorted in Spotify so I can leave behind my downloaded library alone. I had the same issue though with Apple, the password that everywhere else is happy to have is to insecure for them…and as I only have to reenter it infrequently I forget it…nowhere near as bad as my father who can never remember his or how to reset it!

      I find it funny that the more secure the password required the more likely you have to write it down on something insecure.


  2. Might I humbly suggest for your iphone the Otterbox cover? I have a friend who has one (actually I have one, but not the really good one) and she demonstrated how well it protects by throwing her phone against the wall. I was sold.

    I’ve also heard the luck (of both varieties) comes in threes, but like you, I believe that it’s also just our mind trying to make sense of life.


    1. I am resistant to having a phone cover, they are now well engineered devices that they always look a bit odd with some extra plastic on them…but normally means I break them!


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