Addicted to Minecrack

In which I try to not become addicted to bashing green blocks.

Steve from Minecraft cover

Now that I’ve nearly sorted out all my photos, retagged my music and rewrote a load of posts I find myself with a little free time. I have plenty of life improving tasks I could undertake but instead I am being drawn back to a game I promised I would never get into because I could see it was a time sink.

I already know what games like Football Manager or The Sims can do to a person’s time and did not want to get drawn in again. I still fight against the urge to play one more game or stop a digital avatar from using the toilet.

I see the icon there for Minecraft and think to myself, don’t build a rabbit hole to enter.

Now it’s not really my fault I got sucked in, the blame lies with manager at work who insists that telling me in my end of year appraisal that “You should really play Minecraft” was in no way him trying to sell me hours of breaking digital blocks. I’ve basically been missold a Home Building Policy but with no Digital Construction Ombudsman to complain to what can I do other than spend three hours searching for diamonds.

Minecraft almost nearly made me feel old, I had to resort to asking a ten-year old on advice setting up a private multiplayer environment for me and Mrs G to play on. Thankfully I was able to set up a server and alter the settings before all my technological skills deserted me, I was five minutes away from ringing my cousin’s five-year old son on how to change the clock on the microwave.

The one advantage Minecraft has is that is a perfect game for me and Mrs G to play together as either FIFA or any shooter requires a few years of practice to be able to get to a proficient level and neither of us have that patience (with the game or each other). So being able to smash blocks on my laptop while she is making iron on hers is a perfect game for both of us to play. It let’s us play together without actually relying on the other person.

Unlike a game like Football Manager it does require you to be doing something all the time, I can’t be watching a match and also writing/reading/eating/drinking tea. This means it monopolises my time because if I am not playing Minecraft then I am reading about Minecraft, and if not either of them I am thinking about Minecraft.

Don’t get me wrong I like being right, and I like playing co-op computer games so I am hoping that this is but a brief fling with the game before I get too involved and plan to recreate the Mines of Moria or the Titanic. I can’t afford to get drawn in and I’m already starting to see cubes before my eyes.


Source: Playful

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

5 thoughts on “Addicted to Minecrack”

  1. You have Minecraft, I have Skyrim. I tried Minecraft but just couldn’t get into it. I might try it again some day, but… maybe not. I have to get tired of Skyrim first. >_<


    1. I spent a whole year in Skyrim (completed it on PS3, Xbox and PC) but then had to move on…I found myself becoming obsessed with building a house…obv something I can avoid in Minecraft!


      1. There’s a new mod in Skyrim which is a museum that the main character fills up. That is my goal right now, to fill up the museum. It’s kind of a great thing. I tried Minecraft and didn’t like. I don’t think I ever got out of the tutorial.


      2. The good news…they’ve announced a special edition of Skyrim today, will have mods for consoles as well as all new graphical updates…may be returning to Tamriel in the Fall.


      3. I read about that… on the mod page I was telling you about. The whole community is abuzz because they’re not sure what impact that will have on the modders. It went really bad for Fallout 4…

        The good news is, if you have the original game with all of the DLC, you get a free copy of the remastered version. ^_^


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