In which I get all emotional over my home town bricks.

Bedworth Almshouses

Within every crown there is a jewel that shines brighter than all the others, it stands out from all those around it and is what everyone remembers. Warwickshire has many towns that could be considered stand out, whether it is:

  • The hell-hole that is Nuneaton
  • The car parking nightmare of Leamington Spa
  • Stratford-upon- “nobody from here will ever make it big”-Avon

So by a process of elimination I’d go for Warwick, or Rugby (as one of the only places to give it’s name to a sport). Sitting around the side of the crown is one of the lesser jewels, a town nestled betwixt the mighty concrete of Coventry and the land of nom de plus authors.

The mighty town of Bedworth.

Behold, the glitz of the brown bricks (Source: Wikipedia)

As a born and bred Bedworthian, in fact it’s only in the last few years that I have moved away from the town I called home for nearly 30 years. It still feels weird going back to where I call ‘home’ every week, as though I am skulking back in and trying not to be caught as if I’m having an affair with another metrolpolitan area.

What is there to like about Bedworth? For many who have left there is a desire never to return, the bright lights of bigger cities making the town seem old and quiet…which it is. Yet there are many memories and things I like about Bed’uth (the correct pronunciation):

  • The schools are named after old rectors of the town, gives a sense of history that may be missing in other towns.
  • The Water Tower, a great big Victorian brick building that you can see for miles around. It is a fantastic landmark.
Bedworth Water Tower (Source: Flickr)
  • The Almshouses, as with the Water Tower it is a Victorian landmark that gives the town a central focal point.
Bedworth Almshouses (Source: Wikipedia)
  • The Bun Day tradition, each year the children of the junior schools attend a service in the Almshouses where they receive a hot cross bun afterwards. This is all done following the instructions of Nicholas Chamberlaine, a rector of the town who left sums of money to build schools and the Almshouses in the town.
  • There are loads of pubs for such a small town, or should I say were. Woolpack RIP.
  • Terry Aucott sausages, award-winning bangers…he was even on Blue Peter.
  • The Miners Welfare park, people not from Bedworth cannot believe we have such a good park on our doorstep.
Miners Welfare Park (Source: Wikipedia)
  • The slough, a hidden away nature reserve by the A444.
  • The varied churches we have in the town, as we were 5 miles from Coventry the town was the first place non-conformist churches could be built. Off the top of my head we have Church of England, Methodist (1 church and a few chapels), Baptist, Catholic, United Reform, Weslyan Reform, Spiritualist, Zion Baptist.
All Saint’s Church – aka The place I got married (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Every year we have a Remembrance Service and parade on November 11th, one of the few places to have done so every year.
  • Stubbs toyshop, and the Santa every year – which is now closed and turned into a Wetherspoons.

Source: Brick

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Bedworth”

  1. Just saying Mr. Swiss knows Warwick very well. He happened to work for a Swedish Car Company beginning with “V” and ending with “O” as the logistic manager for Switzerl and the British headquarters were in Warwick. He even stayed in that hotel with the big tree outside that some guy Shakespeare featured in one of his satires. He preferred not to stay in Warwick.


    1. Warwickshire is a vrey odd country in that it is like a mini-England. The south is slightly posher (with Warwick/Stratford/Leamnington) with the North being more industrial (Nuneaton/Bedworth)…you can see it very much on the electoral map with a Red/Blue split. Warwick itself is a strange town…other than the castle there is not much else there, and the way Leamington is growing it has almost started to swallow it up.


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