Underestimating fate

In which I over-estimate the power of destiny and leave life to fate.

The Thinker by Rodin

I really hate the idea of destiny, whenever I’m playing a game and my character’s destiny is mentioned it annoys me. It means that my path to the end has already been written, I’m basically taking a train ride and occasionally get to look out the left or right window but know it won’t matter as to my end destination.

As with computer games so with life, I don’t believe that my ending has already been jotted down in some celestial notebook. More than that i don’t want to believe it, otherwise how am anymore than another NPC in a universe wide version of The Sims?

I much prefer the idea that I am master of my own fate and therefore my life’s events will be (mostly of my own doing).

My own lack of religious beliefs mean that I don’t consider there to be any omnipotent being sitting on their couch playing a game of my life ( a game that would have a terrible Metacritic score). Even if I did this would make me nervous about my overall purpose and existence.

If my life had been pre-determined then I don’t have free-will, and if I lack free-will then anything I do is not my fault. I didn’t vacuum the house this weekend, that’s not being lazy that’s the pre-written story of my life and I have no control over it. If fate does exist then all my actions are meaningless and I am nothing more than an automaton in a large simulacrum of reality.

If I punch an old lady on the way to the train station, not my fault. If I steal a car, not my fault. If I leave the toilet seat up, not my fault. Living in a deterministic universe is a scary place as it takes away all sense of personal responsibility for our actions. Who would be able to decide which actions are fate and which were not?

Instead I believe we live in a chaotic universe where we are free to make our own choices. The impact you can make on the overall journey may be small, because you are fighting against everyone else’s decisions, but you have some limited ability to affect the end destination. You are free to change trains and platforms rather than remaining on the one line.

It also means that I have a role and responsibility to myself and those around me. I can’t just act like I want because “I have no control” I have to be a good person. I may not save the world but I won’t wreck it either.

Source: Underestimate

Author: geekergosum

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