Turn off reality television

In which I watch people who are famous because people once watched them.

Stacks of old televisions

I hate reality TV, for one it is totally misleading. It depicts nothing of reality at all, unless of course everyone else lives in a house of Heat-magazine wannabees, on a desert island, cooking and dancing for judges. Perhaps I live in the crazy world?

Reality TV is ‘rule by the mob’, it reinforces the trope that ‘mean is best’ and being nice is a weakness. It’s a study in nastiness, a modern version of the coliseum but this time we throw the idiots to the lions (who are bordering on idiots themselves).

A reality TV show is the domain of the attractive, “you’re a crazed racist? Oh it doesn’t matter you’ve got big breasts we forgive you”. Woe betide the ugly person though who happens to mention they once sneezed without covering their mouth…that is a crime punishable by tabloid hanging.

So here is my suggestion for a reality show…ladies and gentlemen I present: “I’m a nice person dancing on a desert island let me cook for you.”
I'm a nice person dancing o na desert island let me cook for you

The show is simple, 10 ordinary (as in randomly selected of the street through no audition process, nor screened by sensationalist producers). They are all then sent to an island in the Pacific. However, they are disqualified if they do not know where the Pacific is.

On the island they are set tasks, which are designed to help educate them and the audience to be better people. Like how to easily and realistically cook a meal, and learning to swim and introductions to things they may not know.

If they fail a task they can nominate someone to leave, or they can try to understand if they could have done anything to help and nominate to leave themself. The person with the most nomination leaves.

But here’s the twist…if all of them are on the island at the end they share the £1,000,000 prize between all of them. Every time someone leaves, the prize is cut in half. So loose one to go to nine people, oops now it’s only £500,000 between you all.

This may encourage people to be nasty to others knowing that they won’t be kicked off. To combat this there will be an overseer checking on everyone’s behaviour (I shall call this person Big Brother in honour of the character from 1984). This person will have the power to remove individuals and replace, or re-educate, them. This person will be…me.

The only problem, no one will watch it. After all, who wants to watch others being nice, and improving themselves and doing mundane activities. We want to sit there saying:

“Ha, look at these idiots. I feel much better about myself and have no worries about the things in life I should worry about”. Reality TV is our cake, our bread and circus. For those who want to keep it that way they can sell us advertising and premium phone lines and all was well with the world.

That’s just not realistic.

Source: Vision

Author: geekergosum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

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