Surviving the work day

In which I work to live and not live to work.

Messy desk at work

I hate having to work for a living, not the current job I am in per se, just the actual institution of having to get up in the morning and go and sit somewhere else that isn’t home. I understand that I need to to pay for things like bacon and electricity to cook the bacon that I’ve bought, it just seems so unnatural that you need to pay for things that have no real tangible value other than that bestowed upon it by others.

It’s sad that I have to spend 35 hours behind a computer screen to earn pieces of paper and metal that can be exchanged in return for goods and services. The issue isn’t that I’m VDU bound, but more to do with the fact that I have to labour to provide others with more wealth and benefits than I put in myself.

How have I have been burdened with a system that was decided upon generations ago? If I was able to own a small area of land to grow the things I needed to survive I would. Yet due to some ancient quirk of fate my ancestors never took any land for themselves. I also have to give other people my money as well. I am unable to go to an alternative, there are no competitive governments that help to drive a free market parliamentary system. As a result I pay for ‘services’ I don’t need…like Scotland.

We should have some form of barter system by where I can exchange nicely done spreadsheets for food, I’m not sure this would be entirely beneficial for myself as making sure that all the SUMIFs are working is not exactly being able to bake bread or make people less sick. In fact what skills do most of use have nowadays that could be seen as worthwhile in a barter system? We operate as either drones in a workplace or in careers that don’t create, a lot of what we produce has no intrinsic value beyond being a luxury good. How can you barter the ability to add data or operate machinery?

In olden days the scarcity of population meant that any abilities you had were likely to be rare, with seven billion other individuals around you are going to find it difficult to carve out a niche market that will see you being able to survive. The only ones who would benefit in a society like that are the producers, the farmers and the builders. They will need labourers and a way to “reward them”. Then for those who have no skills to be able to obtain bread they will need to find a way to “pay” for it, perhaps by bartering for some kind of “salary” from another person and receiving some kind of taken that can be used to “buy” the bread with.

There is a reason that we don’t barter any more. Admittedly life is better for the cash economy existing, at least we do get paid and are free citizens as opposed to serfs.

Serfs had to work long hours doing menial jobs so that a few overlords could take reap the benefit of the lower workers hard work. The serfs had little chance of bettering themselves and would find that their terms of employment were very fragile with a constant threat of being turfed out. Some of them would also find themselves working to pay off large debts they had little chance of repaying.

Isn’t it a good thing times have changed.

Source: Survival

Author: geekergosum

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